Zoho CRM management systems review, zoho-com advantages and disadvantages

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Zoho CRM is one of the most demanded customer relationship management systems, which is famous for its rich tools and affordable prices. The product is aimed at medium-sized businesses in all sectors of the economy, making it a universal solution for growing companies. At the same time, there are many large companies among Zoho’s clients. The software focuses on convenience and efficiency. The combination of cost-effective pricing plans with unprecedented flexibility and adaptability has determined the success of this product.

The platform offers 1 free and 4 paid pricing plans. You can pay for Zoho-com CRM services using a credit card or Paypal. Each tariff plan provides for a 15-day test period, during which users can evaluate the entire functionality of the software.


The main task set by the developers of Zoho CRM is to provide the business with a convenient and functional tool for automating operational tasks. Using the software, employees can control the sales process in a convenient format, tracking all customer actions and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing and management decisions. With Zoho CRM you can:

  1. Automate routine sales management processes;
  2. Provide fast and efficient call processing;
  3. Control the calls of company employees;
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of advertising;
  5. Identify the reasons for unsuccessful deals.

A feature of Zoho CRM is scalability, flexibility and the ability to deeply integrate with SaaS solutions. Also, the user can integrate their developments, including JAVA-based software. A separate plus is the public API keys, which also expands the capabilities.

Convenient administrative panel makes it possible to easily customize the tool for a specific company and business niche. The product itself is constantly being modernized and updated, becoming more and more convenient. Zoho CRM currently offers 40+ native marketing, HR and analytics apps, as well as a ton of external, integrable products such as Zoom, Zapier, and more.

Zoho-com CRM provides users with convenient visual designers of modules, processes and forms, which greatly simplifies the work for a beginner. At the same time, the functionality of the tool is wide enough to satisfy the needs of an advanced user. For example, the client has access to complex lead allocation, setting up motivation models, and many other options that are not available in competing software solutions. Separately, it should be noted the built-in analytics system, which makes it possible to create reports of any complexity with minimal effort.


The platform offers 4 paid tariff plans on the following terms.


  • Price: 14 euros per month;
  • Scoring rules;
  • Work processes;
  • Multiple pipelines;
  • Mass mailing;
  • Custom dashboards.


  • Price: 23 euros per month;
  • All Standard options;
  • Trading signals;
  • Blueprints;
  • Web-to-Case forms;
  • Validation rules;
  • Inventory Management.


  • Price: 40 euros per month;
  • Zia AI;
  • CommandCenter;
  • Canvas;
  • Multi-user portals;
  • Advanced customization;
  • Mobile SDK and MDM.


  • Price: 52 euros per month;
  • Advanced BI + Zoho Analytics;
  • Extended function limits;
  • 30-day trial period.

Sales automation tools

Zoho CRM offers powerful sales tools. Scheduling appointments, communicating with the client, tracing contacts – all this is available in the basic interface of the system. The functionality includes options such as:

  1. Lead management. Lets you easily generate, organize and manage large numbers of leads. At the same time, the tool makes it possible to count and distribute leads among various representatives.
  2. Deal management.Transaction visualization system lets the user track the entire pipeline of transactions, providing maximum control over pending sales.
  3. Account management. It lets the administrator implement an integrated approach to managing client accounts based on systematized information.
  4. Contact management. The system lets you effectively interact with the target audience. The tool simplifies all stages of working with contacts – from search to closing a deal.
  5. Workflow rules. Automation of routine tasks is designed to save time for sales staff. With this tool, you can automate operational tasks, analyzing data processes and sending notifications.
  6. Macros and assignment rules. The system provides the ability to configure automated sets of actions and rules to relieve employees of most routine actions. The function of combining several actions in one macro saves a lot of time.
  7. Sales forecasting and analytics. The built-in analytics tool opens up opportunities for the most detailed study of your target audience and more accurate sales forecasting.

We should also mention the presence of a mobile salesforce application. Using this tool you can manage business processes without being tied to a desktop computer, which further increases work efficiency.


Zoho CRM is a powerful business process management tool that is in no way inferior to the leaders in the niche of CRM solutions. At the same time, this software is offered at a very affordable price. For just a few tens of dollars a month the client gets access to a multifunctional platform with hundreds of different third-party and embedded applications integrated.

Zoho CRM is one of the best deals in terms of price and quality, which has determined the popularity of this CRM. At the moment, the system is used by such giants as Amazon, Facebook, KPMG. Renault and others. Zoho-com CRM is the optimal solution for medium and large businesses. You can verify this right now by signing up for zoho.com and using a free 15-day trial period. For the maximum tariff plan the test period is extended up to 30 days.

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