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In recent years, Chinese authorities have a negative attitude to cryptocurrencies and crypto-exchanges but this does not prevent new websites from becoming popular. ZB com is a Chinese exchange, which was established in 2017. Many users believe that the platform has been working much longer since the domain of the website is valid since 1995, and the exchange itself claims that it was founded in 2013.

Benefits and users’ feedbacks

This Chinese exchange offers traders the margin trading on premium markets, as well as trading with a leverage of 3:1. This is not the only benefit of the trading platform. So let’s find out what this platform can offer!

  • First of all, the platform works with over 89 pairs trading.
  • The developers have created a new token (ZB), which is very popular on the exchange. The daily turnover of the token reaches $66 million.
  • The exchange is available in two languages: English and Chinese.
  • The exchange website is available on various devices and may be accessed both from the browser and through mobile applications for IOS and Android.
  • Users can work with fiat money through over-the-counter trading.
  • Support service that works 24/7.
  • The trading platform has an API for developers.
  • There is no commission fee for money deposit/withdrawal; the commission on transactions is 0.2%.

The exchange provides a friendly environment for trading as it is characterized by high-quality and informative chart, a high level of security, and quite favorable rates. During all these years, there have not been scandals concerning the company, which is saying something.

Registration on ZB

  1. To start trading one needs to register in the system. First open the official website of the exchange and choose the needed language (Chinese or English).
  2. On the top of the website, there is the “Sign up” link, which will redirect you to the registration page.
  3. As is the case with other exchanges, you will be offered to register using your phone number or email address. Choose the method best suited for you and then specify the mail/phone number and password. You will receive a message with a code that should be written in the last line of the form. Then you will need to click “Send”. After that, you will only need to confirm that you agree with the Rules of the website and click “Sign up”.

When you log in to your account, you will also need to enter a verification code, only after which you will be granted access to your account. You should pay close attention to the safety measures and set all the necessary settings, including the two-factor authentication. When you are in your account, you will be offered to go through the verification procedure and confirm your identity and your phone number.
All money transactions are conducted in “My funds” section. You can replenish your account by clicking on the “Deposit” button and withdraw your funds by clicking “Withdrawals” button.


You can find various feedbacks concerning ZB on the Internet, so this is perhaps one of the few websites, the information about which is very controversial. For all that, due to a large daily turnover, the company is considered as one of the best (12th position in the top best platforms) trading platforms among hundreds of exchanges. This cryptocurrency exchange also has its drawbacks, one of which is the lack of several international languages. Aside from that, this Chinese exchange stays loyal to its users and is very user-friendly.

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