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About XR Web / XR

ICO Start




XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that converts our physical space into a secured and encrypted three-dimensional internet space where content and applications can be projected, displayed and transacted. We are building the core infrastructure and SDK upon which various dapps can be built including XR Gaming, Social Media, Real estate, Advertising, ride sharing, home-sharing, retail insurance, etc. XR Token is used to access XR dapps and stake on XR Web.

Token Info
Token XR Web / XR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 455,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, USDT, STEEM,, Paypal, All Fiats , Bank Wire
Price in ICO 0.1500 USD
Distributed in ICO 35%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap


Idea conception Acceptance in DMZ Accelerator Zone in Toronto Canada Plug & Play Accelerator, Silicon Valley

2019 Q1

Creation of XR Token XR Web leasing app - MainNet 0.5 Preparation of Token sales

2019 Q2

XR Token Sales

2019 Q3

Listing in Exchange#1 API release for XR Web apps in Javascript

2019 Q4

Listing in Exchange#2 Unity SDK The auction, bid and sell XR Stakes

2020 Q1

Listing in Exchange #3 XR Conference - Venue TBD Virtual Reality Experiences Integration

2020 Q2

XR VC Fund starts collecting applications

2020 Q3

Self - Serve Advertising Engine

2020 Q4

Pilot with Smart Glasses Partner XR Spatial DNS (open source)


API in various languages for XR Web transactions and staking API in various languages for XR Advertising SDK for various platforms XR Conference - Venue TBD

Team Members

Team Members
Manindra Majumdar
Team Members
Sanjay Chaudhuri
Team Members
Haw Leng
Chief Growth Officer
Team Members
Jas Khehra
Chief of Blockchain Partnerships
Team Members
Bogdan Sizov
Director of Blockchain
Team Members
Chief Scientist
Team Members
James Scholz
Chief Communications Officer
Team Members
Ana Anbuselvan
Chief Innovation Officer
Team Members
Francis Ifegwu
Director of Content
Team Members
Hap Klopp
Business Advisor
Team Members
Jeremy Khoo
Blockchain Advisor
Team Members
Lise Wagnac
ICO Advisor
Team Members
Kyle White
Blockchain Community Advisor
Team Members
Jeremy Wright
Blockchain Growth Advisor
Team Members
Jonathan Dunsmoor
Legal Advisor
Team Members
Dmitry Pshenin
ICO Advisor
Team Members
Giovanni Casagrande
ICO Advisor
Team Members
Mauro Andriotto
Team Members
Emanuele Ferrari
Team Members
Shalin Verma

About XR Web

XR Web is pioneering the development of the spatial / XR web 3.0 with a Decentralized framework to build applications that are meant for the physical spatial world around us and incorporate AR/VR technologies

Types of applications
XR Gaming platforms
XR Advertising network
XR Shopping
XR Social Media
XR Real Estate
XR Insurance

How to use?
Developers – Build
Developers can use our SDK and API framework in various languages to build XR and spatial applications that are connected to our blockchain and protocol. Monetisation happens via advertisement and fees.

Stakers – Own a piece of the XR Land
XR holders can stake their XR tokens against parts of XR Spatial Web
Upon staking, holders of the XR tokens get a share of the earnings from the activities in the spatial web via XR apps.

Key components of the ecosystem
XR Advertising network
XR Payment gateway.