WordPress VIP hosting platform review, wpvip-com advantages and disadvantages

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WordPress VIP is positioned as a platform for hosting large WordPress-based online projects. The official website of the provider wpvip.com indicates that the company offers balanced technical solutions that fully meet modern realities and the requirements of large web projects. WordPress VIP highlights the fact that 30% of Fortune TOP-100 companies base their web products on this platform. The company’s clients include such giants as CNN, Microsoft, Facebook, Spotify, TED and many others.

The company does not charge additional fees for its services. Also, the company does not penalize for exceeding the traffic overload. All contracts with the company are concluded for 1 year. Despite the fact that monthly payments are considered the platform’s standard, the client can agree on a more comfortable payment schedule individually communicating through the support service. The company wpvip-com offers flexible tariff plans that can satisfy any client’s needs. Payment for services is available using a bank card or PayPal.

WordPress VIP benefits

If we talk about the advantages of the wpvip-com platform in comparison with the standard package of WordPress options, then it is worth mentioning such advantages of the platform as:

  1. Fully managed WordPress platform. The company’s developers provide full service for the client’s projects, ensuring security and stability.
  2. Planning and training. The launch of any project begins with a detailed study of its features and goals, after which an effective action plan is created and implemented by specialists.
  3. Better performance and speed. Server capacities of WordPress VIP are customized for the maximum performance of sites based on CMS WordPress.
  4. Unparalleled security. This package of options includes SSL, CDN and DDoS protection. Traffic encryption is also provided.

In general, the WordPress product will delight you with such advantages as:

  1. Reliable plugins, APIs and integrations;
  2. Open source;
  3. Backward compatibility of integrated products;
  4. Scaling with advanced enterprise features.

All the advantages described above are confirmed by the company’s technological partnership with such well-known brands as AMP, Digital River, ShutterStock, Sophie.io and others. The company is actively developing and improving its product, which contributes to the emergence of new competitive advantages.


No tariff plans are presented on the official website of the company. This is due to the fact that the company offers exclusive solutions according to the goals of each individual client. It works as follows: you fill out a registration form, in which you indicate the specifics of your project. Then, after a preliminary analysis, the company’s specialists provide you as a potential client with a package of services that takes into account all the necessary options for achieving your goals. At the same time, such standard options that any tariff plan include are provided:

  • CDN
  • Managed infrastructure;
  • Domain management;
  • GitHub repository and workflow
  • Technical support;
  • Hourly backup;
  • DDoS protection;
  • Security patches / vulnerabilities;
  • Automatic code scanning;
  • Availability of multisite.

The company has adopted the practice of not offering customers unnecessary options. There are also no hidden costs or extra software. The WordPress VIP client gets at its disposal a flexible content management platform with the freedom to choose technology solutions. This approach lets you maximize the needs of the project.

Despite the fact that prices are not listed on the official website, it is known that WordPress VIP plans start at USD 2,000 per month. In this case, the actual price will depend on such parameters as:

  • Monthly expected traffic;
  • Number of applications;
  • Demands that a client specified;
  • Signing a service level agreement (SLA).

The cost of services does not include design and development work. These tasks completely fall on the shoulders of the site owners. Given the prevalence of WordPress, finding the right third-party talent shouldn’t be difficult. The site has a support service in the form of an online chat. You can ask any question and a qualified specialist will give you the fastest and most meaningful answer.

WordPress vs WordPress VIP: What’s the Difference?

While WordPress is the basic open source software used by the vast majority of information site owners, WordPress VIP belongs to the Automattic family of software (WordPress.com, Tumblr, WooCommerce, and Jetpack). WordPress.com is ideal for small businesses, freelancers and independent bloggers. As for the WordPress VIP, this product is specially designed to make it easier to administrate:

  1. several websites at the same time;
  2. websites with complex settings;
  3. websites with 1M + page views;
  4. websites that need a large staff of administrators.

That being said, flexibility remains a strength of all WordPress products. The theme community offers many functional plugins, integrations and robust enterprise-grade APIs. Even if suddenly you do not have enough of all this conditionally inexhaustible functionality, you can always get a recommendation from the company’s specialists to use the experience gained.


WordPress VIP is a hosting platform that is specifically adapted to the most popular CMS of the same name. Looking for elite offers for WordPress-based websites a large company may be seriously interested in flexible tariff plans that will satisfy any client. You can apply to join the platform through a special form on the website.

Wpvip-com is a high performance managed hosting platform for corporate and large projects. Some experts rate this hosting as the most secure, fast and stable hosting for WordPress-based sites. Evaluate the capabilities of this platform by placing your startup on its servers.

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