WooCommerce WordPress plugin review, woocommerce-com advantages and disadvantages

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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for e-commerce. This extension makes it possible to create a full-fledged online store with unlimited number of items based on the world’s most popular blogging platform.

The two main advantages of WooCommerce are that this software is free and does not require special skills for basic setup. The plugin is especially actively used by small businesses, since it lets you launch an easy-to-manage and functional online store with minimal investment, most of which will be spent on customizing the template for the tasks of a particular business. Large companies also use WooCommerce-com to build their WordPress storefronts, but this practice is less common. Big players prefer content management systems that have all the e-commerce tools in their basic functionality. But if you want to minimize the startup cost, then you will appreciate WooCommerce.


Anyone can use WooCommerce to turn their WordPress site into a full-fledged online store. Just download the plugin from the official website, install and activate it on your website. After activation, the standard CMS interface will be replenished with a separate menu for managing sales, and the website will get such functional elements as a shopping cart, an order form, a buyer’s account and other standard components.

Setting up a store based on WooCommerce can be done in a few clicks, which greatly facilitates the start of sales. The process of filling the catalog and customizing an appearance of the platform is intuitive and there shouldn’t be any difficulties with it.

The basic functionality of the plugin makes it possible to:

  • Customize product categories;
  • Manage products and display prices;
  • Specify product labels and attributes;
  • Choose payment and delivery methods;
  • Manage the tax calculation algorithm.

After installing the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress, the system will prompt you to use the setup wizard you can specify the basic store parameters with. There are such parameters as:

  • Payment currency;
  • Price formation rules;
  • Geolocation;
  • Size and weight units;
  • Payment options.

All of these parameters can be changed in the future if necessary. The big advantage of WooCommerce is that its functionality can be extended with add-ons. And in general, the ability to expand a website with additional features can be considered one of the advantages of this plugin.

Marketing and analytics

WooCommerce offers a basic set of tools to increase conversions such as discounts, coupons, bonuses and promotions. The plugin functionality provides the ability to manage mailing lists with automatic collection of the customer database. A store administrator can not only process orders and manage the assortment, but also organize all kinds of promotions and sales in a single ergonomic interface.

Another feature of WooCommerce is the built-in analytics system. It lets you track the operation of the online store and make informed marketing decisions based on analytical data. The plugin collects data about website visitors, orders and items. All the information received is presented in the form of convenient graphs, which makes the analytical material more presentable. A store administrator can view the most popular products at any time and identify the most convertible customers category.

A big plus of the WooCommerce-com analytical toolkit is that data can be exported to CSV and then used in a convenient format. You can also import it to other platforms. The system integrates with popular tools such as Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. This lets you maximize the potential of your online store.

Customization and optimization

Despite the fact that the WooCommerce plugin only lets you make basic settings for an online store, this is more than enough to get started. For deeper customization, the user will need minimal knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. For small adjustments, the capabilities of the built-in WordPress editor will suffice. However, to make more serious changes to the template it is better to create backup copies of the modified files. Therefore, if you do not have all of the above skills in CSS, HTML and JavaScript, you will have to involve third-party specialists.

As for search engine optimization, this plugin provides all the opportunities for successful growth. It is compatible with the popular WordPress SEO plugin All In One SEO Pack, which lets you add meta tags, create semantic URLs and set up other SEO parameters on every item page. Also, for effective promotion of a WooCommerce store it is recommended to install AMP for WooCommerce, which will ensure faster loading of the storefront and greater loyalty of search engines.

Plugin benefits

Among the strengths of WooCommerce, it is worth mentioning such advantages as:

  1. Universal functionality for physical and digital goods selling;
  2. Adaptability to mobile devices;
  3. Expandable functionality;
  4. Friendly and convenient interface;
  5. Compatible with most WordPress templates;
  6. Integration with third-party services and applications;
  7. Developed professional community;
  8. Multicurrency and multilanguage;
  9. Compliance with search engines requirements.


WooCommerce can be described as a convenient and powerful ecommerce tool that makes it possible to turn a small WordPress-based information site into a full-fledged online store. The flexibility of customization, versatility and compatibility with third-party extensions make this plugin a very popular solution for the first online trading experience. At the same time, WooCommerce-com will not disappoint with its analytical and marketing tools, which can bring the effectiveness of online commerce to a fundamentally different level.

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