WizIQ universal platform review, wiziq-com advantages and disadvantages

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WizIQ is a universal platform for creating virtual meeting rooms and training seminars. Users are offered a wide range of functionality for organizing full-fledged online group sessions. WizIQ quickly became popular in the niche of educational services, where it took pride of place among competitors. It is of particular interest to teachers, trainers, schools and companies selling training seminars and consulting services in real time.

WizIQ-com is provided on a paid basis in the form of several pricing plans. The company also provides a 14-day test period for users to familiarize themselves with the benefits of the system.


WizIQ is a unique service that lets users organize interactive educational courses with text, audio and video materials, graphics and presentations. The undoubted advantage of WizIQ is its easy integration with popular CMS and ERP. Thanks to the multilingual interface, the platform can rightfully be called international.

WizIQ-com is tailored for online conferences and is not limited only to educational activities. On the platform, you can organize video conferencing, text chats, audio rooms. There are such important options as interactive flipcharts and screen sharing. Online tests will become a convenient tool for monitoring the knowledge of listeners, while surveys will be a presentable means of obtaining feedback. Also, the administrator has access to reports on the audience, including traffic. All this toolkit can be expanded by integrations with such software products as Moodle, Blackboard, Instructure Canvas, Sakai, Joomla. Thanks to access to the API, you can connect the system with third-party services and websites. Also, the course administrator can record lectures and contact the target audience through email newsletters. All this makes WizIQ a very convenient tool for the development of your own educational school and effective sale of information products.


The WizIQ toolkit includes everything you need to create quality training materials and conduct coaching sessions in real time. Below you can familiarize yourself with the main functions of the system:

  1. Virtual classrooms are an interface for comfortable communication between students and the coach.
  2. Testing is a system for monitoring the knowledge of participants in educational programs with the option to implement various types of questions, set time limits for questions and many additional options to optimize the learning process.
  3. Analytics and reporting provides teachers with access to detailed information regarding the progress of students and the group as a whole.
  4. MLearning mobile app for seamless access to training materials anytime from anywhere in the world.
  5. Cloud storage from 1 GB for secure download and embedding of multimedia files of any format.
  6. Streaming video for securely content streaming with customizable access through the token system.
  7. Time-limited URLs and encrypted videos are two tools to keep your personal information safe.
  8. Presentation builder (including PowerPoint) limited to 100 minutes of audio or visual content.
  9. Integration with third-party services using plugins.

For more details on the platform functionality visit the official website.


In the Learning Management Systems category WizIQ offers two pricing plans on the following terms.


  • Number of students: according to plan;
  • Cloud storage: 25 GB;
  • Content library;
  • Creation and delivery of self-study courses;
  • Number of tests: no limit
  • Discussion forums;
  • Tasks;
  • Completion certificate;
  • Conditional access to content;
  • Selling live classes and webinars;
  • Selling self-study courses;
  • Course sale commission: 0%;
  • Commission for transactions using WizIQ payment gateway: 10%;
  • Payments: monthly;
  • Authentication and authorization framework;
  • User and role management;
  • Email notifications;
  • Reports;
  • Academy logo;
  • Favicon;
  • Academy advertising banner;
  • Color theme customization;
  • WizIQ mobile application;
  • Knowledge base and forum;
  • Email support;
  • Open Webinar + 2 Premium Sessions for instructors.


  • All Elite options;
  • Cloud storage: 50 GB;
  • Advanced tests (10 additional test types);
  • Commission for processing transactions using a payment gateway: depends on the terms of the operator;
  • Custom email notifications;
  • Single entry point;
  • Custom Stripe payment gateway;
  • Custom SMTP gateway;
  • Customizable custom mobile app for learners;
  • Live chat and phone support;
  • Real-time 24/7 support;
  • Onboarding and success manager.

In the category of virtual live classes 3 tariff plans are offered on the following terms.


  • Dedicated classroom for each teacher: 10;
  • Storage and data transfer 10 GB;
  • Video quality: SD (480p);
  • 720p recording: extra charge;
  • Additional recording, transmission and data storage: extra charge;
  • Academy logo;
  • Favicon;
  • Academy banner;
  • Color theme customization;
  • WizIQ mobile application;
  • Knowledge base and forum;
  • Instructors training;
  • Real-time 24/7 support;
  • Onboarding and success manager.


  • All Professional options;
  • Dedicated classroom for each teacher: 15;
  • Storage and data transfer 50 GB;
  • Email support.


  • All Enterprise options;
  • Dedicated classroom for each teacher: according to plan;
  • Data storage and transmission: according to plan;
  • Live chat and phone support.

Tariff plans start at $ 25 per month. You can find out in more detail the current prices by clicking on the “Contact us” button under the corresponding tariff plan and filling out the user form on the official website.


WizIQ is a multifunctional platform for organizing group communications and training processes. High integrative capabilities combined with rich functionality make it possible to customize an online school for any needs through a single interface. At the same time, the WizIQ-com pricing policy is quite democratic and flexible, so that any novice coach can afford a starter plan. You can sign up for the website right now and take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to see the benefits of this tool.

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