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1.Players are encouraged to use only DApp supported TRX wallet to join WinCity.

2.Each player is allowing to purchase maximum up to 10 packages at the same time. Whenever any packages reach the multiplier of the profit collected, players can spend with only 15 TRX to trigger smart contract, then the package will be removed from smart contract records, then players can continue to purchase new package.

3.Champion rewards for each session will required minimum of 20 tickets accumulated among community to trigger. Each session ticket count will be reset, and players are required to withdraw their Champion/Lucky draw rewards (Required TRX in wallet to pay for the ENERGY).
4.Players are required to pay for their own package purchased and withdraw action for ENERGY required for transaction.

5.Registration of new players are required to get referral links from their upline.
6.When players not eligible or exceed players’ package multiplier limit for the rewards gained, players’ inbound marketing rewards will be converted to WP as rewarding players’ contribution instead of getting deducted and burn.

7.Level of community mining share profit are defined based on players’ current active direct referrals count. An active player means with purchased of any package and still collecting game mining profit. With one active direct refer player, then will be entitled for 1 level of community mining share profit, while 5 direct refer active players then will be 5 level. Limitation of level are determined by players’ current purchased package, for example, players with 2 silver packages, 1 gold package then level limits are 13 which is based on gold package referral level limit.

8.In WinCity’s game, all transactions are calculated based on TRX and WP.


Level: Beginner Trader
Amount: 1000 – 3999 TRX
ROI: 0.6% daily
Referral Bonus: 5%
Referral Level: 0~10
Estimated Profit: USD 122.99 ~ 491.82 (3400 ~ 13596.6TRX)

Level: Intermediate Trader
Amount: 4000 TRX
ROI: 0.65% daily
Referral Bonus: 5%
Referral Level: 0~13
Estimated Profit: USD 491.94 (13600 TRX)

Diamond (HOT)
Level: Advance Trader
Amount: 8000 TRX
ROI: 0.68% daily
Referral Bonus: 5%
Referral Level: 0~15
Estimated Profit: USD 983.88 (27200 TRX)

Level: Professional Trader
Amount: 20000 TRX
ROI: 0.70% daily
Referral Bonus: 5%
Referral Level: 10~20
Estimated Profit: USD 2749.08 (76000 TRX)

Each plan purchased are entitled for both plan A and plan B rewards. Plan A maximum profit entitled for each players are calculated based on each package multiplier. Plan B maximum profit can be gain through referral are 1.5 times of package purchased. WinPoint will be converted for those referral less than 3 and TRX will be deposited to players’ wallet with more than 3 referrals.

Required Apps: TRX  Tronlink extension , Tronpay ExtensionTronwallet (mobile)Tronwallet (ios)

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