What is Axie and how to play AxieInfinity


Axies are the main NFT objects in the game called AxieInfinity. They are virtual creatures similar to Pokemon, which are bred by the game participants. To start playing and earning in this metaverse, you need to buy at least three Axies on the game marketplace.
Keep in mind that the most inexpensive Axies now cost several hundred dollars. At the same time, a transaction in the amount of 666 ETH is considered a record one.

Types of Axies

There are 6 main types of Axie, each with its own color:

  • Beast (orange);
  • Plant (green);
  • Bird (pink);
  • Waterfowl (blue);
  • Reptile (purple);
  • Beetle (red).

Each Axie has its own distinctive features, which can be stronger or weaker than those of opponents. Key parameters are the next:

  • health;
  • speed;
  • experience;
  • morale.

Beasts and insects in particular have high morale. This suggests that these Axies are more likely to land critical hits on opponents during the combat. Birds and waterfowl are characterized by high speed. In turn, plants and reptiles have a large resource of health. Each specific Axie has its own unique balance of these indicators. Also Axie has 6 body parts: eyes, ears, mouth, horn, back, tail.

According to the current restrictions, only the mouth, horn, back and tail are used in combat at the moment. It is planned that in the future Axie will be able to fight each other using their eyes and ears.


An interesting fact is that the body parts of all Axies look different. Some variations of body parts are more common, others less common, and still others are only found in single specimens.

Each body part of Axie belongs to one of three genes:

  • dominant;
  • recessive;
  • minor recessive.

These properties of the creature can be presented both in pure form in the most thoroughbred pets, and in a mixed form, when elements of various types can be combined.
Axie generates a unique set of several characteristics. The rarer the property, the stronger and more valuable it is.

Axie lifecycle

Each creature can be in one of two states – an egg or an adult. It takes five days for an egg to complete metamorphosis into an adult. The transition to adulthood requires a fee in SLP. An adult pet can be used in battles with other players, as well as in mating with other Axies.
Breeding Axie is paid. Today it costs 0.005 ETH and a certain amount of SLP. Each Axie can breed up to 7 times. Each new pairing costs the owner more SLP tokens.

How to play Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity requires game installation and registration. After that, it remains to buy three creatures. Why exactly three? This is the minimum number of the team. You can buy pets through the MetaMask wallet by connecting it to the Ronin wallet.
It is necessary to buy Axie wisely, since the task of each player is to assemble the strongest team. Today, there are even people who specifically breed digital pets, achieving the most unique genetics. If you don’t have the money for three Axies, it makes sense to buy a few AXS tokens and keep them staked.

2 ways to play

There are two main ways to play Axie Infinity:

  • PvP (Arena);
  • PvE (Adventure mode).

PvP (Arena)

You breed Axie and fight other users. Battles are played in three-on-three teams. The one who wins gets rewarded in SLP and increases his rating. As the rating increases, the level of the enemy also increases.

PvE (Adventure mode)

Player goes through tasks and fights monsters (chimeras), earning EXP (experience points): 50 or 100 SLP for the completed task. The number of available tasks per day is limited by the player’s energy parameter. In this mode beginners have the opportunity to gain experience and increase their rating. By completing tasks, you can discover hidden treasures of AXS or other game resources.


Axie Infinity is an ecosystem that offers several game modes and many options for monetizing the time spent playing. You will learn more about the specifics of the game directly in the process. If you have a few hundred dollars, you can join this metaverse right now by purchasing the characters and building your own team of creatures.

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