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vodien.com.au is Australia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Resellers. Their servers are placed in next locations: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. 100% of user reviews who used vodien are positive.

Why choose Vodien?

Learn why we are #1 for Domains and Hosting
As a leader and specialist in hosting, Vodien changes the way businesses make use of IT. By leveraging on the best technologies around to offer flexible computing-as-a-service products, Vodien makes IT solutions more reliable, more effective, and more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The human capital is the most important factor in our promise of providing a 24/7 SuperSupport service. Properly structured departments take care of different types of hosting and ad-hoc support to ensure our customers can rely on us to tackle on related issues that they may encounter. We know that changing web hosting service providers may be an intimidating process; that’s why we even have a dedicated service delivery team to ensure that your websites and emails are properly migrated over to our end.


From our cost-effective web hosting plans to dedicated server solutions, Vodien offers the best off-the-shelf hosting services powered by our industry-grade hardware and components so that your websites and emails perform at its best.

Our servers are well-housed in our data centres to ensure only the top performance with continual upgrades to future-proof technical requirements.


Let Vodien take care of the advanced security setup and monitoring for your websites and emails. With our security sentry and cyber-threat prevention architecture in place, rest assured that your services are proactively monitored around the clock and you can expect timely reports of suspicious account activities to determine if a threat is imminent.


Reaching out to your customers has never been easier with our connections to internet backbone providers globally. Be it serving your website to the local or overseas audience, we have multiple geographically redundant dedicated connections to Tier-1 backbones from the largest Internet Service Providers in South East Asia and the USA.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Brisbane,  Sydney,  Melbourne

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