Users of Cannabidiol in Europe Now Assured of High Quality with Blockchain Tracking Device

The Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands (CAN) will soon start using a CBD tracker that works on blockchain technology so that customers can know how the product was handled right from when it was planted to when it was taken to the point of sale.

European users of cannabidiol now have little to worry about concerning the quality of the product they get. This is because a device has been set up for them to easily know where the CBD they want to buy came from and the hands that touched it.

According to CAN’s statement on August 6, a blockchain device known as “Cancheck” will soon be used. It’s an online based device that comes at no cost to the consumer. Following this development, producers of CBD in the association are meant to make their products traceable. To this end, HempFlax has offered to kick off the use of the CanCheck tool by producing traceable CBDs.

The CEO of CAN, Mark Reinders is excited about the development because it will help customers “trace the production of hemp-derived cannabidiol products from shelf to seed.”

In the EU, regulatory bodies have decided that CBD will not be regarded as food.

Tracking cannabis around the world

Tracking CBD from the farm to retail stores is not only applicable in Europe. In North America, a device known as “StrainSecure,” also based on blockchain technology, was formed to ensure that the quality of medical cannabis products is not tampered with by providing details of their DNA at the point of purchase. In Canada, Cannabis can be prescribed by doctors or even used for recreation without any trouble. In the U.S., people are expected to use it according to the directives of the state they live.

Uruguay also checks the quality of cannabis delivered to the stores with a blockchain tracker known as Aeternity. The country embraced the technology fast having announced earlier than all other countries that cannabis production wasn’t illegal.

Crypto accepted for cannabis

Cannabis can be bought with cryptocurrency in some stores. There are a lot of them in California accepting BTC in exchange for the product. Bitcoin Cash and the stablecoin, Universal Dollar (UPUSD) are also accepted in Berkeley City as demonstrated by Ben Bartlett, a member of Berkeley City Council.

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