Users of a Major Dark web Fear the Possibility of an Exit Scam

Users are scared they may have been investing with scammers.

A darknet market place used by a lot of those who do illicit transactions has not been working for the past two days and this has sent shivers down the spine of its users. Many cannot say if the problem is about a DDoS attack or if it’s something worse that is about to happen.

A tweet made by who is a journalist that prefers not to be known by his real name said that these days of Empire Market’s disconnection from the internet feels worse that the times in 2019 when it usually went offline due to DDoS attacks.

“Se7en” who claims to oversee the activities of the darknet’s moderators said something that is not so plain:

“If the market is still down in a couple of days, I’ll make a post about the whole situation, then it’s early days and maybe the admins will bring it back.” made further updates suggesting that nothing bad has happened and that users should not mind the fake news being spread by others. His statements suggested that there was an upgrade taking place on the site.

Much of the rumours about the likeliness of an exit scam happening soon can be read on Reddit. If this happens, most of the people will lose their investments because they never expected the organizers to run away soon.

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