US Pentagon’s War Game of 2018 Replicates the Current Happenings in the US

Records have shown that the Pentagon formed a war game in which players got Bitcoins for destabilizing financial institutions.

The current protests in the US, some of which have been caused by the police and the government, have driven attention to the game created in 2018 by the US Pentagon. Surprisingly, the events in game look similar to what is happening now.

An article written on The Intercept two days ago threw more light on the 2018 US Pentagon game called Joint Land Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS). There is a group of people in the game called Generation Z who are in their twenties. This generation was encouraged in Bitcoins to cause a rebellion referred to as “Zbellion” in the game.

The rebellion in the game was targeted at financial institutions, political organizations, and charity organizations.

The document also revealed that players that launched a rebellion would use software programs to siphon funds and launder them by converting to Bitcoins. Small amounts of the Bitcoins would then be given to the needy or those who contributed in establishing an attack.

A resemblance of the year 2020

Although it was said to be created in 2018, before none of these current troubles existed, the game closely matches the events that are pushing people towards adopting cryptocurrencies.

The game shows the mistakes made by the government and the repercussion on the polity where the citizens are fed up with conventional systems and instead want a newer way of life.

In the game, rebellion started with people making protests against what they feel is wrong. Today, the same is happening as people are protesting the death of the African American, George Floyd, who was in police custody.

Using Bitcoin to protest

One of the differences between the rebellion in the game and the 2020 scenario is that only young people were engaged in Zbellion.

Today, all age groups are using Bitcoin as a tool to protest against financial institutions. There is tension and this has made some people to migrate to other places where they feel there is more comfort.

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