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About Urbit Data / URB

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Urbit Data's mission is to create transparency and efficiency in the real estate market. As of today, Urbit Data has already a product which offers ad-hoc evaluation of any real estate object in the Spanish market. We developed a powerful data collection engine which gathers information from various publicly available data sources and combines them intelligently in order to be able to calculate the value of any real estate property in Spain. Using an open approach based on open source and blockchain technology, we want to create an ecosystem where comprehensive information on all real estate properties can be digitally stored, evaluated and transferred. The whole real estate market will greatly benefit from this due to the improvement in transparency and efficiency. Urbit Data is backed by a strong experienced team of experts in the real estate market and in blockchain technology.

Token Info
Token Urbit Data / URB
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 252,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Price in ICO 1 URB = 0.1 USD
Distributed in ICO Unknown
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

MARCH 2017

The idea of Urbit was born

APRIL 2017

The Urbit project begins Market analysis Team structure is created Development of beta version of Urbit

MAY 2017

Definition and start of operations Smart contracts begin to be created First definitions of programming and blockchain Definition of strategies and processes


Programming adjustments and system improvements Successful completion of the first tests of beta version Viability analysis for Big Data at a global level Structuring phases of the project to go on market through a token system

Q1 2018

Launching a token sale Private pre sale Public sale

Q2 2018

Urbit is listed in main exchanges The development of the Urbit platform begins Actions for the commercial expansion of Urbit

Q3 2018

Design of the Urbit blockchain Structure of global Big Data Tests with the new Urbit Platform Start development of rewards system

Q4 2018

Analysis of the results of the prototypes Reviews of Apis Tests with the plubic big data software Launch Urbit app for Android and iOS

Q1 2019

Start commercial planning and expansion rewards system working

Q2 2019

Starting Urbit operations in Moscow and San Francisco Creation of the Urbit foundation

Team Members

Team Members
Bruce Lavigne
International Crypto Advisor. Tax Attorney
Team Members
Keith Authelet
COO of Ignition Holdings of Big Data software. Former IT Director for Lotus development
Team Members
Ashton Addison
CEO/Founder at EventChain SmartTickets
Team Members
Warren Whitlock
Digital business development strategist
Team Members
Joan Laporta
Lawyer and Former president of FC Barcelona
Team Members
Zurab Pololikashvili
General Secretary of World Tourism Organization (United Nations)
Team Members
Juan Haro
Real Estate Expert Founder of "La escuela de inversión". TV and Media regular Speaker
Team Members
Carlos Devis
Real Estate Investor. Real Estate investments trainer
Team Members
Josef Salcman
Co-founder of Cryptoinvest. Crypto and Tokensale Expert
Team Members
Félix Fuentes
Co-founder of Cryptoinvest. Crypto and Tokensale Expert
Team Members
David Alija
Co-founder of Cryptoinvest. Crypto and Tokensale Expert
Team Members
Jaime Hernandez
Team Members
Miguel Rodríguez
Team Members
Gus Sevilla
Team Members
Juziel Indriago
Team Members
Andreína Carrasco
Project Manager
Team Members
Chuck DeLuc
Blockchain Developer
Team Members
Jose Cruset
Blockchain consultant
Team Members
Simone Guaglianone
Crypto Legal Advisor
Team Members
Raúl Riancho
Expansion Estrategies
Team Members
Juan Pablo Douguez
Developer and Design
Team Members
Maria A. Colino
Expansion Strategies
Team Members
Miriam Gonzalez
Graphic Designer

About Urbit Data

The vision and purpose of Urbit is to improve and reinvent the Real Estate Market. How? Implementing Big Data processes, with a real usability Cryptocurrency and integrating the Blockchain Technology, Urbit is going to create a new worldwide estate of the art.