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UndergroundPrivate.com first appeared in public 2012 , it is one of the most trust web companies on the Internet. Every day our company grows up and we have numerous of faithful customers that trust us. We understand hosting technology and customer privacy better than anybody and that can be shown in services and our support and not only in words.

Around the Internet we see many providers advertising their selves as a privacy web hosting provider which per our opinion is not true this is a common trick by multiple companies to attract you as their customer take your money and then leave you in the desert alone , we consider this as a scam and we advice everyone to be extremely careful with companies advertising such a falsely titles , in order to provide privacy you must do sacrifices which others does not do , UndergroundPrivate.com was a numerous time target of organizations as well as other individuals in order the censorship the freedom we provide to our clients.

UndergroundPrivate provides freedom of speech worldwide to all its clients , from Asia to America , Australia & Africa , Europe and all every single location in the world map.

What makes us different? And why you to choose us?

Our first point is our customers privacy, support and satisfaction. With UndergroundPrivate hosting you have privacy & support & quality services 100%, you can choose us and see if it is all truth that we are writing, many companies just writing that they best and they not worth nothing.

Our servers and hardware?

We have multiple servers in different locations around the world, like Russia , France & many much locations you would interested into. All Datacenters are built with high quality devices and have professional personnel for the maintenance and extension of their network.

Where our company is located?

We are established legit by the law company in a Belize and we are not some kind of resellers , we are not a middle man and we are trusted established Internet Service Provider (ISP).

We provide offshore hosting service with great fast support without you need to wait days and uptime 99.9% , no downtime , no lags , we also highly respect your privacy and your data , we not sell / share or rent any of your personal informations or data. Upon order we not censorship the connection on ordering and we not ask for personal information’s (id cards or proof of residence).

We provide shared hosting , VPS , Dedicated servers and renting ipv4 in very cheap price

SERVER LOCATIONS : France , Netherlands , Russia.

Payment methods : Paypal , Bitcoin , Webmoney and credit cards

With UndergroundPrivate hosting you get :

  • Freedom of speech (no marketing tricks)
  • Privacy
  • DMCA ignored hosting (no marketing  tricks)
  • Great support 24×7 via tickets , phone , Skype or Telegram
  • Uptime 99.9%
  • Latest hardware on all our services
  • Cheap software licenses when using our services
  • Possibility if you are our client to order anonymous registered domains on very cheap price.
  • DDoS protection on our network
  • All dedicated services coming with IPMI console
  • All kind of OS possible to installed
  • Encrypted dedicated servers per your request.
  • Possible to order /24 with a server or itself on unbelievable cheap price.
  • Great prices on all services , if you read this topic there is a promo code lifetime -15% for all our services B6E7JBEIY8

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