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What is Ultramining.io

Ultramining.io Review
This is what Ultra Mining tells about their mining activity:
“UltraMining offers you 671.4 Ph/s mining power directly from United States and China.

With Ultra Mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining, everyone can access Bitcoin Cloud Mining. The introduction of digital currencies is transforming the financial landscape, with many people switching from fiat money to decentralized money (cryptocurrencies). The main reason is to escape the stringent measures and high fees associated with the traditional banking systems. Unlike the universal banking system, the blockchain technology gives you the opportunity to write your own ticket with exponentially growing crypto resources, which are free from government control or inflation.”

Ultramining.io Review

ULTRA MINING aims to create a decentralized world of opportunities to people from all over the world by initiating a vast range of legit Bitcoin cloud mining solutions. The company offers a surefire way to control your assets while receiving all the benefits from the record-breaking market capitalization of BTC. With cloud mining solutions from ULTRA MINING, you can make significant profits in cryptocurrencies through remote mining.

Payment Options
Clients can pay for bitcoin cloud mining service with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. In the near future, they plan to add options such as VISA & MasterCard.

Affiliate Program
Did you know that 4 customers out of 5 hesitate before investing in miners because of the inconvenience of mining operations such as high electricity cost in their location, noise, heat, no appropriate space to store their miners… ? You are in cryptocurrency business, you offer crypto currency services, you sell hardware mining equipments… and you wish to offer a turnkey mining solution for your customers ? Offer ULTRA’s mining services and expertise and earn commission.

Sign Up – Share your Referral Link & Earn 5% of any deposit by your referral. (We offer referrals up to 20 percent for our official partner and large company funds. If you are interested please contact us via [email protected])

Earn 5-20% on our mining contracts and hosting services for every new customer that you refer. All our contracts are based on 24 months period minimum.

Your mining outputs are automatically added to your account daily. Choose when and how much to Withdraw. No hidden fees or commissions. You get what you agree to sign up for. The coins we mine are all about Privacy, security and transparency, we totally comply with these ideals

2 Year contract
– Earnings are sent every 12 hours
– Minimum to purchase is 1 TH/s
– Minimum to withdraw is 0.001 BTC
– 1 TH/s | $50 USD
– Antminer S17+
– Daily Maintenance fee 4%


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