Ucraft website builder review, ucraft-com advantages and disadvantages

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The Ucraft platform is made for creating high-quality websites with wide functionality and modern design. This web-builder is intended both for professionals who are looking for a universal solution for launching complex projects, and for beginners who are not familiar with the web technologies, but want to have a full-fledged website. The platform features an intuitive dashboard that makes it possible to easily launch both one-page landing pages and full-fledged online stores.

Ucraft-com offers several tariff plans, including one completely free. Payment for service packages can be made by credit card or using the Paypal payment system. Each client is provided with a 14-day test period, during which the paid amount can be refunded in case of refusal from the company’s services.


Despite the fact that Ucraft is suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to create a high-quality and convenient website with the desired target focus and functionality, this tool will be especially interesting for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

All platform features can be divided into such categories as:

  1. visual editor;
  2. integration with third-party services;
  3. widgets;
  4. control panel.

A user creates its own website from separate blocks and widgets, which can be combined at his discretion. The drag & drop option lets you drag all the necessary elements into the work area, creating pages with the desired functionality.

The following blocks are available to the user:

  1. Basic elements. This category includes graphics, text, videos, buttons and media elements (galleries, sliders, icons, etc.).
  2. Navigation elements;
  3. Contacts;
  4. This includes all functional elements related to the operation of the online store.
  5. Blog (article categories and the articles themselves);
  6. Elements of social networks (icons and buttons for sharing);
  7. This category includes third-party applications such as PayPal, iTunes, Instagram, Disqus and others.
  8. Other elements (timer, language toggle switch, HTML code, search engine and other elements).

In addition, Ucraft offers many pre-built blocks with pre-defined body and header styles. A user can simply replace the demo information with the one that relates to a specific project, without wasting time for registration.

Each functional block has standard settings that let you control it at your discretion. Any block can be saved by the user and added to the collection. An interesting option is configuring the visibility of individual blocks for specific IP addresses, cities or countries. Also a different way of displaying blocks can be configured separately for PC and mobile devices. As a user you just need to click on a specific block to see a drop-down list of available operations.

Tariff plans

All Ucraft-com tariff plans are divided into two categories – personal and branded. The category of personal tariff plans includes the following ones.

●     Free Website

  • Price: free;
  • Custom domain;
  • Maximum number of web pages: 15;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Support service 24/7;
  • Password protection of private pages.

Pro Website

  • Price: $ 10 per month;
  • All functions of the “Free Website” tariff plan;
  • Maximum number of web pages: unlimited;
  • Advanced functional elements;
  • SEO tools;
  • Design tools;
  • Blog tools;
  • Multilingual site interface;
  • Embedded HTML / CSS / JS;
  • Custom fonts and Google fonts;
  • Multi-account;
  • News feed;
  • Options available to community members;
  • More than 20 integrations;
  • Number of items: 15;
  • 0% transaction fee;
  • Payment methods: Stripe, Paypal;
  • More than 20 delivery methods;
  • Product filters.

Pro Shop

  • Price: $ 21 per month;
  • All functions of the “Pro Website” tariff plan;
  • Number of items: 1000;
  • Payment methods: 50+;
  • Digital goods: up to 1 GB;
  • Product variations;
  • Tracking inventory;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Order editor;
  • Store management application;
  • Tax exemption;
  • VAT refund;
  • Invoice editor;
  • Processing fees;
  • Selling on Facebook / Instagram / Amazon / eBay.


  • Price: $ 69 per month;
  • All functions of the “Pro Shop” tariff plan
  • Digital goods: up to 10 GB;
  • Square POS integration.

The category of branded tariff plans includes three cases, the terms for which are presented below.

PayGo 1 ($ 39 per month)

  • Maximum number of sites: 10;
  • Pro Website: $ 13 per month;
  • Pro Store: $ 24 per month;
  • Unlimited: $ 75 per month;
  • Custom pricing;
  • Custom domain;
  • Admin panel;
  • Imported templates: 10;
  • Custom templates: 3;
  • E-commerce application.

PayGo 2 ($ 69 per month)

  • Maximum number of sites: 20;
  • Pro Website: $ 10 per month;
  • Pro Store: $ 20 per month;
  • Unlimited: $ 70 per month;
  • Custom pricing;
  • Custom domain;
  • Admin panel;
  • Imported templates: 20;
  • Custom templates: 5;
  • E-commerce application.

PayGo 3 ($ 109 per month)

  • Maximum number of sites: 100;
  • Pro Website: $ 8 per month;
  • Pro Store: $ 16 per month;
  • Unlimited: $ 65 per month;
  • Custom pricing;
  • Custom domain;
  • Admin panel;
  • Imported templates: 100;
  • Custom templates: 10;
  • E-commerce application.


Among the strengths of Ucraft there are:

  1. Multilingual and separate editing of different language versions of the website;
  2. Powerful set of integration services;
  3. Convenient and friendly graphic editor;
  4. Attracting co-authors to the project;
  5. Reliable Google Cloud hosting service;
  6. Availability of a free tariff plan;
  7. High quality and speed of technical support.

In general, Ucraft-com is a convenient and functional WYSIWYG website builder, which is just a pleasure to work with. At the same time, all the functionality is offered at very affordable prices. So if you are looking for an inexpensive and flexible website builder, it makes sense to pay attention to Ucraft. This service will provide you with everything you need to implement any project.

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