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Ubersuggest is a popular SEO service whose main function is to generate keyword ideas and track backlinks. Initially, the project functioned as an independent service for collecting data from Google Suggest, but was later acquired by renowned SEO specialist Neil Patel. After the purchase, Neil not only retained the basic functionality, but also expanded it with additional tools.

Ubersuggest-com is offered as a web version and as an extension for Google Chrome browser. The program has a free version with a limitation of the number of tracked competitors up to 2 websites. The extended version of the program costs from $ 12 per month or from $ 120 one-time for the entire product. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.


The interface of the software product is simple. Immediately after registration, the system will offer you to add your first project by simply entering the website address, choosing the geolocation for tracking search results and selecting the main keywords for promotion. You will see the menu, where the main tools will be located on the left, namely:

  1. Dashboard;
  2. Rank Tracking;
  3. Site Audit;
  4. Keywords;
  5. Traffic;

Let’s consider in more detail each of the proposed tools.


This menu offers a basic summary of information on the site under investigation. Here are indicators such as:

  1. Organic monthly traffic;
  2. Tracked keywords;
  3. Backlink;
  4. SEO page rank;
  5. Competitive sites.

This menu acts as a kind of summary on the main parameters for quick monitoring of the progress dynamics.

Rank Tracking

This tool shows the average position of the site for the tracked keywords in the SERP TOP-100 in the form of a graph. There is also a separate table of search queries showing changes in positions over the time period under study, traffic volume, SEO difficulty and relevant URL. A user can add additional keywords as well as export reports in CSV format.

Site Audit

This tool provides data on such parameters as SEO Score (overall SEO ranking of the website), the volume of organic traffic, the number of organic queries and backlinks. Auditing up to 150 pages is available in the free version of the software. If your website has more pages, then you will need to purchase a paid version of the program to conduct a full audit.

The same menu contains the analysis of web pages, indicating errors and opportunities for growth. It also provides information on website speed such as load time, interactivity and visual stability. The data is provided for desktop and mobile devices.


Keywords management is at the heart of Ubersuggest, which was originally conceived as a keyword idea generator. You just need to enter a keyword in the corresponding field, and the system will start searching for long key queries related to the entered keyword. The program not only offers a list of words, but also provides basic metrics such as:

  • monthly search volume;
  • average cost per ad click;
  • competition level in PPC;
  • competition level in organic search results.

There is one useful feature in the Keyword Ideas submenu. The bottom line is that keyword ideas are divided into the following categories:

  • Offers. These requests are suitable for those who have already decided on the topic of the keys. All queries in the list will contain the keyword entered in the search field.
  • Related. These queries are logically related to the entered keyword, but not necessarily to the same topic. This category is very useful for finding new keyword ideas.
  • Questions. These keywords are presented as a question containing the target keyword. The tool is handy for creating SEO-optimized content for your blog or FAQ.
  • Prepositions. This list includes keywords that contain not only the main word, but also related concepts. For example, for the request “buy markers” the system will give you a key like “buy markers for graffiti”. The tool is handy for extending the semantic core.
  • Comparison. This category contains a list of queries that compare two things. Such requests contain the words “or”, “VS.” or “and”. Working with such key queries is quite promising, since they are usually entered by users who have thoroughly studied the topic and are at the final stage of the conversion cycle.

Another tool available in this menu is the Keywords Overview. It makes it possible to analyze in detail each keyword separately. The system generates a report containing the following data:

  1. Overview and trends. This is the historical data for the keyword for the last 12 months.
  2. Average backlinks and domain rate. The system shows the approximate number of backlinks required to get your website into the TOP 10 search results. It also publishes a domain rating similar to Moz Domain Authority, but developed for Ubersuggest.
  3. Content ideas. Here is a list of relevant content that attracts a lot of visitors, backlinks and social shares.
  4. SERP review. By clicking on the “SEO difficulty” button a user will see the TOP-100 pages with detailed information on backlinks, reposts and estimated traffic volume.

The Keywords by Traffic subsection provides an opportunity to view a list of organic search queries with an indication of estimated traffic volume for each of them. The Competing Domains tool provides a list of sites that intersect with the promoted site by the semantic core. Subsection Content Ideas is a list of the most popular pages among users, ranked for a specific key query in the SERP.


This menu contains two tools: general traffic overview and TOP pages. The overview shows organic keywords, monthly traffic, domain authority and backlinks. Here, in the form of informative graphs, the dynamics of positions in the SERP, historical data on traffic, TOP pages by country and keywords by position are presented.

This menu presents two tools: a backlinks overview and opportunities to improve your backlinks profile. The general overview presents data on the dynamics of backlinks growth in the form of a graph. Also here is a list of anchors, donor pages and other valuable information. In the submenu of opportunities it is possible to track the backlinks of competitors and find growth points for the promoted website.


The platform offers 3 paid tariff plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 12 per month or $ 120 one-time;
  • Reports limit: 100 per day;
  • Projects limit: 3;
  • Keyword tracking: 100 per project;
  • Locations limit: 20;
  • Crawling pages: 1000 per report;
  • Keyword suggestions: 20,000
  • Content ideas: 2000;
  • Data export: 2000 lines;
  • Competitor tracking: 5;
  • Top competitors’ pages: 2000;
  • Top competitors’ keywords: 20,000;
  • Limit of tracked backlinks: 2000.


  • Price: $ 20 per month or $ 200 one-time;
  • Reports limit: 300 per day;
  • Projects limit: 7;
  • Keyword Tracking: 150 per project;
  • Unlimited locations;
  • Page crawling: 5000 per report;
  • Keyword suggestions: 50,000
  • Content ideas: 5000
  • Data export: 5000 lines;
  • Competitor tracking: 10;
  • Top competitors’ pages: 5000;
  • Top competitors’ keywords: 50,000;
  • Limit of tracked backlinks: 5000.

Enterprise / Agency

  • Price: $ 40 per month or $ 400 one-time;
  • Reports limit: 900 per day;
  • Projects limit: 15;
  • Keyword tracking: 200 per project;
  • Unlimited locations;
  • Crawling pages: 10,000 per report;
  • Keyword suggestions: 100,000
  • Content ideas: 10,000
  • Data export: 10000 lines;
  • Competitor tracking: 15;
  • Top competitors’ pages: 10,000;
  • Top competitors’ keywords: 100,000;
  • Limit of tracked backlinks: 10,000.

Those who bought a paid version of the software get access to the following functions:

  • Step by step SEO course;
  • Templates and worksheets;
  • Biweekly coaching and Q&A calls;
  • Email support;
  • Keyword detection;
  • Site audit;
  • Daily rating tracking;
  • Competitor and backlink data.

All service suites have a 7-day trial period after specifying payment details.


Ubersuggest is one of the most affordable SEO tools that can seriously compete with TOP-rated services. A user-friendly interface and ample opportunities for generating keyword ideas are the two main advantages of this project. An important plus is that you can use the limited version of the program for free. You can test Ubersuggest-com right now by signing up for the website and adding the project to your e-cabinet.

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