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TRXchain investment project is another asset of our investment portfolio that stands out from many other similar funds. The platform is based on smart contracts, which, in turn, ensures the system integrity and prevents the administration from accessing the cash register of the project. Having said that, the project organizers have solid experience in the development of such contracts. That’s why we suggest that you get acquainted with all the features of the platform in detail and learn about reviews on the Internet.


Basic information about the TRONCHAIN

TRONCHAIN is a smart contract or, according to the investors, an “honest” project. The platform received such a flattering nickname for working according to a pre-defined algorithm, the source code of which is publicly available and can be checked by anyone. The fund operates completely independently; the smart contract administration can neither take the cash register of the project and hide, nor change its conditions in any way. It’s a completely honest game, where everyone has a chance to earn money. Founders do not hide the fact that they have enough experience in the development of smart contracts and have previously worked on the Etherchain project.

Developers launched the TRXchain on July 31, 2020 – the very depth of summer. Even though the platform has been working for more than a month now, so far there are only a few reviews of, which is rather a positive sign in the field of high-yield investments. As expected, you will not find any information about the fund’s activities on the website, which is quite typical for projects that use a smart contract instead of a script. As for other technical features, they are quite typical for an “honest” fund: the website is a one-page description of the most important information, there’s no personal account, and therefore no user registration procedure is required.


All invested funds are distributed as follows:

5% — developer commission;
10% — Affiliate program reward;
3% — a leadership pool for the most active partners;
82% is distributed as a daily profit among participants.

TRXchain specifications

  • A smart contract is used as a script;
  • GoDaddy domain registrar (rented for 2 years);
  • Data protection and Cloudflare DDoS protection;
  • Unique design.

Investment conditions on

It’s an unusual project but its marketing is quite standard and transparent. The participants are offered to invest from 100 TRX, which will allow them to earn 1% per day. Such accruals will be made within 310 days; in 100 days, investors reach the break-even point and return their deposits. Therefore, the net yield of marketing in is 210% profit.

Another important feature of the investment offer from TRXchain is that after closing the previous deposit, you can open a new one but the amount must be equal to or greater than the previous deposit.

Since the project only works with the Tron cryptocurrency, you can’t invest fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. We advise you to use the browser extension TronLink (you can also download the version for iOS and Android) or TronWallet for Android, which will allow you to easily invest. If you have not used the Tron cryptocurrency before, we would like to point out that you cannot directly transfer money to the project requisites through the exchanger! You can use the proven exchanger available on the reputable website, but you will need to transfer funds to your personal wallet and only then make an investment.

Affiliate program

The Affiliate Program at is quite attractive and will allow you to earn 10% of the deposits attracted by your referral link members. For instance, if your subpartner invests 1000 TRX, you will instantly receive 100 TRX. Besides, the number of partners is not limited, so you will be receiving profits from each of their investments.

Affiliates are expected to receive profits not only from investments but also from income. Once your subpartner withdraws his/her daily earnings, you will receive 5-30% of this amount as a profit. There may be 15 such reward lines in total. To open levels in depth, you should have a corresponding number of direct referrals. If for example, you have three direct partners, you will also be able to get the reward from three levels in depth. To open all 15 levels, you should have 15 direct referrals.

Working actively with the affiliate team will allow you to take part in the drawing of the leadership pool. It includes 3% of all deposits in TRXchain. Every day, 10% of the collected amount is split among the best sponsors, and the remaining 90% goes to the next day’s remuneration fund.

Registration, deposit/withdrawal features in

We are dealing with a smart contract project, which means that it is not quite the same as we used to see in other projects. Only those with a special TronWallet can work with the fund. So we strongly recommend that you install the TronLink extension or download the TronWallet. Once you install your wallet, you will need to replenish the account in a convenient way (for example, transfer funds from another wallet or exchanger).

Go to the project website, after which you will need to fill out an application to create a deposit and confirm payment in your wallet.


If you installed the TronLink browser extension and invest via a computer, go to and choose the language version that suits you best.

Later, scroll through the website page until the “Invest” section appears. Use the buttons to select the investment amount you need, and then click “Invest”. The extension will open, and you will only need to confirm your investment.

The funds are also withdrawn through the home page.


Basic information on the project

  1. The official launch: July 31, 2020.
  2. Language versions of the website: English, Russian, and Chinese.
  3. Deposit and profit withdrawal: only in TRX cryptocurrency.
  4. Warning: when creating a deposit, remember about the transaction fee in the Tron network.
  5. Investment limits: from 100 TRX to 2 million TRX (the amount depends on the cycle).
  6. Terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program: 10% from deposits, 5-30% from profits.
  7. Type of project payments: instant.
  8. Minimum withdrawal request: no.

Summing up on is a new project based on the Tron cryptocurrency smart contract. The asset was launched in the mid-summer, however, it is modestly represented on the network, there is no active advertising at the time of writing this review, and in general, there are few reviews of so far. Like all smart contract funds, TRX chain stands out because it works transparently and honestly. The administration has no access to the funds and carries out its work for a 5% fee of the invested amount.

But a smart contract is not the only guarantee of the possible success of the TRONCHAIN project. Firstly, the platform offers to earn money on working conditions: the marketing is stable, showed itself perfectly in other projects, and is perfect for the smooth development of the fund. Secondly, come the fall, the investors’ activity is expected to increase. They will fill their portfolio with assets with limited conditions. At the same time, there is no risk of the redevelopment of the project as it works only with TRX cryptocurrency (and not all investors are ready to invest in it).

We recommend you take a closer look at the new product as it may be the one is missing from your investment list. It may be an excellent option for those who want to diversify their funds!

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