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8% Daily Interest
10% Referral Commission
Extremely Huge Sustainable System.

Fully Verified and Open Source Smart Contract

Contract Address:

Referrals up to 4 levels:

Tier1 (5%)

Tier2 (3%)

Tier3 (1%)

Tier4 (1%)

TrxOnTop – It is an open source ROI Game that is 100% transparent and fair to all the players. This is a smart contract on the Tron Blockchain. Please consider this as a gambling and invest only the TRX that you can afford to lose. All you have to do is deposit and withdraw your profits. You get profits every second until there is money in the contract. Invest more TRX to earn more profits. You can refer people to this smart contract and earn referral commission up to 4 levels.

Required Apps: TRX  Tronlink extensionTronpay ExtensionTronwallet (mobile)Tronwallet (ios)

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