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1% Daily ROI
20% Referral Rewards
100 Days to get 100% of investment and continue FOREVER

Fully Verified and Open Source Smart Contract

Contract Address:

Referrals up to 8 levels:

Tier1 (5%)

Tier2 (5%)

Tier3 (2%)

Tier4 (2%)

Tier5 (2%)

Tier6 (2%)

Tier7 (1%)

Tier8 (1%)

TronTitan – is an open source ROI game that is 100% transparent and fair to all players, contract will run forever on Tron blockchain. After you deposit, you can start to withdraw every minute, each day you can withdraw 20% of your deposit, and this will continue forever if contract has funds. You can deposit more funds whenever you like and earn more ROI for each withdraw. For each deposit, contract gives 15% to referrer, 3% to developer and 2% for marketing. Referral commission istransfered directly to referrer’s account.

Required Apps:  TRX  Tronlink extensionTronpay ExtensionTronwallet (mobile)Tronwallet (ios)

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