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This is a safe fund for investing TRON cryptocurrency and getting daily profit of 2% per day!
TRON smart contract remembers the address of the investor`s wallet and charges its owner % every hour of the amount of your Deposit, which gives you the opportunity to withdraw your % at any time convenient for you.

In TRON fund Staking 200% you can safely and without prejudice to your profits to make reinvestment of the deposit, to maximize profits ‚Äď it is recommended to do it daily. At the time of reinvestment of the deposit, the smart contract automatically recalculates your interest and gives it to you, and only after your reinvestment is credited to the account. After the reinvestment percentage (%) is calculated from the sum of all deposits of the investor.

For those participants who made a deposit in Staking 200% and never brought their interest ‚Äď there is a great opportunity to hodling and overcome the maximum threshold of interest. All you need to get more than 200% profit is to make a deposit and not to withdraw interest. If you pass the threshold of 200% and your reach the planned profit (which will satisfy your needs), you can get the entire volume of hodl investments.

If the participant liked the project and participation in it, he can start all over again by investing again in TRON fund Staking 200%.

To participate in the project, you need to send TRX cryptocurrency from your TRON wallet to the smart contract address.

The investor who has reached 200% payments (100% deposit + 100% profit) from the deposit (doubled his investments) is eliminated from the fund automatically, the smart contract removes the address of his wallet.

Standard commission: 5% – marketing, 5% – NEX tokens for depositor, 90% – payments to investors. This is the minimum necessary budgetary component of success, designed for long-term profit-making project participants. The administration of TRON Fund Staking 200% works daily on the development of the project. Advertising of the project will spread to all countries of the world, with the maximum coverage of the audience of investors.

Required Apps: TRX  Tronlink extension , Tronpay Extension, Tronwallet (mobile), Tronwallet (ios)

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