Trillium (TLM) coin is used as the Alien Worlds metaverse in-game token.


Alien Worlds is a good example of a full-fledged game product built within the framework of the metaverse concept. This ecosystem, created by experienced German developers who worked with the EOS project, today is of interest not only for players, but also for investors and traders. Those who want to immerse themselves in the gameplay of one of the most popular dAPPs will appreciate the exciting interface and authentic internal universe. In turn, investors will find the platform interesting for getting passive income. Players who are ready to test themselves in NFT trading will also be able to earn here from ten to several thousand dollars per month.
The system provides not only its own currency, but also has a full-fledged financial system. And all this is packed into an entertaining gameplay. Read more about Alien Worlds below.

Trillium gaming token

Trillium (TLM) coin is used as the Alien Worlds metaverse in-game token. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Firstly, the holders of the coin get access to the management of the DAO planet. Secondly, you can make purchases of in-game items or use coins to complete game quests. Also TLM is good for making money. When opening a deposit, a user receives a stable percentage.

Emission and mining

The maximum planned emission of TLM is 10 billion coins, but at the moment there are about 0.9 billion tokens in circulation. The efficiency of currency mining, which is carried out in a game form, depends on such factors as:

  • prospects of the land plot;
  • landowner’s commission;
  • equipment applied.

Tokens can also be multiplied by opening single deposits on various planets within the Alien Worlds ecosystem or by joining pools for greater profitability.
Important: there is no minimum stack in Alien Worlds, so everyone can earn money by withdrawing funds at any convenient time.

TLM mining is limited in time. After mining the token, you need to wait for the mining tools to recharge. The duration of the break depends on:

  • equipment used;
  • site characteristics;
  • power of your computer.

TLM mining profitability can be calculated using a special Alien Worlds calculator.

First steps in Alien Worlds

After signing up each player gets his character and a shovel for mining TLM. Soon a player will have the option to upgrade a shovel to an excavator. A shovel mines 0.1 TLM, however, upgraded equipment can increase the mining efficiency up to 500 TLM. The player himself chooses the balance between investing in development or withdrawing funds.

NFTs in Alien Worlds

In-game items, support characters, and land all exist in the form of NFTs that can be mined. Some items will not be of particular value to you. But more often than not, the found NFT can be useful. If desired, or as unnecessary, it can be sold on a special AtomicHub platform for WAX tokens. The platform is a leader in the NFT creating and trading for today.
The market price of NFT is different and ranges from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the uniqueness of the item. The rice increases if several NFTs are combined into one higher class.


Alien Worlds is a project with great prospects. The fact that the game lets gamers make good money with a minimum investment. You just need a couple of dollars to start. That is why Alien Worlds has nearly 3 million active players today and the project actively grows. Among blockchain-based games, Alien Worlds is currently the most popular and promising. You can play with other players in the authentic metaverse. You can make money by trading or depositing. Just sign up right now and get into Alien Worlds.

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