Transistor podcast management system review, transistor-fm advantages and disadvantages

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The transistor-fm was founded in 2018 and today is a complete podcast management system. Transistor offers users everything to develop their own platform – from an RSS feed to a website for hosting episodes. A distinctive feature of Transistor is its user-friendly interface. Even a beginner will figure out how it works. Users note that any potential task on transistor-fm is solved simple and fast.

The advantage of the system is that it automatically directs the podcast to Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and other popular directories, ensuring the maximum audience flow. It is enough to set up an account once, and all distribution will be carried out automatically.

Transistor offers three paid subscription suites. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. Monthly and annual payment (with a discount) are available.


Transistor is a powerful podcast creation tool that has a number of competitive advantages and features. The main ones are listed below.

Easy third party integrations

You can import all your podcasts from third-party platforms to transistor-fm without special knowledge. This can be done immediately after signing up for the website. In Transistor, you can also embed your podcast into Twitter or WordPress. Integration with mailing services such as Convertkit, MailerLite or MailChimp is also available. Use it to speed up and simplify content sharing. Users have various options for integration with popular third-party services.

Customizable website

On Transistor you can create a complete website on the internal domain, which will become an inexhaustible source of search engines users. The website lets you post content and create information pages that comply with Google SEO standards. Users have access to deep customization of the website choosing a color scheme, fonts and logo.

Deep analytics

The analytics are very well implemented on transistor-fm. Users have access to such tools as:

  1. listeners world map;
  2. trends in charts;
  3. average load indicators.

All analytic data can be categorized. In particular, you can watch reports for Apple Podcasts and Spotify platforms in a convenient, presentable format. Please note that on transistor-fm you can see the approximate number of subscribers, which is based on the dynamics of the last views. The exact figure is not available as distributors share the RSS feed link without access to subscriber data. But even approximate data makes it possible to assess trends and identify the basic factors of the target audience.

Podcast management

Transistor does not limit the size of uploaded files, number of shows and channel bandwidth. As a publisher, you can launch multiple shows at once, significantly increasing your chances of success with additional target audiences. You are limited only by the terms of your tariff plan.

An unlimited number of podcasts is available already in the basic service suite. Each podcast acts as a separate show, where the number of episodes is also unlimited. At the same time, a download limit is set on Transistor. In case of exceeding, the administration will contact you and offer to upgrade to a higher tariff plan. Automatic shutdown is not provided, so you can safely stream.


Transistor offers a total of 6 hosting plans in the public and private hosting categories. Below are the terms for each of the directions.

Public hosting

This category contains tariff plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 19 per month;
  • Login limit: 2;
  • Download limit: 15,000 per month.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • Login limit: 5;
  • Download limit: 75,000 per month.


  • Price: $ 99 per month;
  • Login limit: 10
  • White Label per player;
  • Download limit: 75,000 per month.

All plans in the category include:

  • Unlimited podcasts;
  • Online customer support;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • Integrated website.

Private hosting

This category contains tariff plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • Private subscriber limit: 500.


  • Price: $ 99 per month;
  • Private subscriber limit: 3000.


  • Price: $ 999 per month;
  • Private subscriber limit: 35,000.

All plans include:

  • Subscribers invite links;
  • Subscriber registration system;
  • Email notification to subscribers;
  • New episodes in a web browser;
  • Private channel to Apple podcasts.

Affiliate program

Transistor invites all registered users to take part in the referral program. Under its terms you get 25% commission bonuses for each client you refer to the website. The bonus is paid during the entire period of referred user activity. The cookie storage period is 30 days. The platform notifies you about each conversion by mail. Commission payments are made once a month through PayPal.


Transistor is a uniquely powerful tool for creating and managing podcasts. Its functionality will be appreciated by both a professional who needs reliable software for work, and a beginner who is just taking the first steps in podcasting. Transistor suits absolutely everyone, providing users with:

  1. Private RSS feed;
  2. Conditionally unlimited storage;
  3. Unlimited bandwidth;
  4. Global CDN for audio files;
  5. Customizable podcast website;
  6. Deep analytics;
  7. Built-in audio player;
  8. Multi-accounting mode;
  9. Integration with MailChimp, ConvertKit and Drip.

At the same time, all rights to the published on Transistor content belong to the user, who can embed his own ads, organize fundraising on Patreon and use podcasts at his own discretion.

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