Paid to click (PTC) is an online business between advertisers and viewers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and the viewer get paid for viewing the ads.

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5 thoughts on “TOP PAID TO CLICK (PTC)”

  1. Trump2020 avatar Trump2020 says:

    Altminer247 is a great site. They have been around for around 8 months and are not going anywhere as they just updated servers and will be possibly coming out with a faucet in the future. You can put your referral link to these websites and earn 9 levels of instant commissions. 40% total.

    There is a telegram group/chat with incredible support (Lance) whom is almost always on and ready to help! You can also email support at any time for assistance.

    They accept e-currencies such as Perfectmoney , Payeer , Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Litecoin , Ethereum , Dash, Dogecoin and Visa/Master Card. Deposit is quick and easy and withdrawal and minimum is only $3 with no limit on how much you can put in. There are various contracts and the best is 200 days with 100% compounding for greatest results. They are also trying out an arbitrage bot called Ping Pong which is minimum $10 investment and is paying even when the market is down.

    Minimum withdrawal is only $0.10. and maximum withdraw is Unlimited. Referral pays up to 10% and can go up to nine levels DEEP!!!!

    Finally if you don’t have the funds you do not need to invest if you want to start earning referral commission. You only need to open an account. My suggestion is to promote..promote..promote and get the referrals. Earn and then invest it into contract or ping pong bot.

    Again, GREAT site with easy hourly earnings and incredible support.

  2. Rosey28 avatar Rosey28 says:

    Anyone can help me how its work.

    1. Charles says:

      Unless your in a very poor country. it is Slow to earn money like this. Better just to refer people to and they give 40% instant ref or 1% interest a day.

  3. wahidur70 avatar wahidur70 says:
    Full Scam

    Withdraw History

    Total Withdraw :$0.00

    Pending Withdraw :$11.63

    Last Withdraw :$n/a

  4. wahidur70 avatar wahidur70 says:
    Full Scam