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HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. A program which pay very high profit in a very short time. Example – 105% after 1 day. Which means if someone invest $100 in a HYIP then he will get $105 returned after 1 day. 


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15 thoughts on “HYIP”

  1. Trump2020 avatar Trump2020 says:

    AltMiner247.com website is paying me for 6 months, I wrote a comment months ago and thought I would send an update. My last withdraw was at 8am this morning. All processed fast. Everyone I know has nothing but smiles and positive to say about Altminer247.com

    Highly recommended to try AltMiner247.com low $1 minimum deposit. But I suggest at last $20 to make it worth the time.

  2. excellent shabangu says:

    please can you assist me on the recommendations to find a trust invistement company which is regisrered and trusterd l know is difficult

  3. MissyCulo says:

    Altminer247.com es muy bueno !!!!! Cien Dollars ahora!!!! Gracias 🙂

  4. Saleem says:

    I am using AltMiner247.com website since Sept. I NEVER deposited but it still pays very good. The best way to make money is to refer new users to invest as it has 9 levels MLM commissions. Almost 40% total. You should put your referral link bro. I am earning around $20-$40 a day from referrals just in chatrooms. It is good site to live on in poor country

  5. Q574 says:

    AltMiner247.com is a good mining hyip. I like it for 5 months now. Look reviews. There is payment proofs

  6. spendex avatar spendex says:

    you should try bit-pools.com. they are always paying. they are a legit company, the reason most people get scammed is because they want big profits in little time. how can someone offer to pay you 1111% in 2 days? thats absurd. go try bit-pools and come and testify

  7. rhedghost2000 avatar Rhed says:

    Ive been Scam of 30usd by kingofprofit.com hyip. Beware if anyone encounter that site. Just ignore the good offers from their site, instead vote as scammers. Thank.

  8. vsgunnam avatar vsgunnam says:

    Is there anyone who knows a legit and paying crypto doubler site (within 2 or 3 days)

    1. Dan the man blog says:

      There is no legit doubler bro. You have to find programs that pay consistent fair rates. My favorite for months has been AltMiner247.com They do real mining with a special filter that removes junk math equations to speed up the process of mining.

  9. vsgunnam avatar vsgunnam says:

    Is there anyone who knows about a legit and paying btc doubler (within 2-3 days)?

  10. joshza says:

    I was scammed by so called Akamaiinvestment.com
    Be aware of that site guys.