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Alexa Traffic Rank: 271,822 offers from 217% after 30 minutes as minimal profit for investment to 410%
after 3 hours as maximum profit.

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This is what it says on website:
We have issued our symbolic coin, called the TEX coin. We’ll create a strict limit of 575 000 000 TEX tokens, which will depend on the number of users on the exchange. TEX will be developed using the Cosmos-SDK framework, and it will contain the proof of stake algorithm. The PoS algorithm will act as a marketing tool for attracting users onto TomiEX exchange. As soon as the number of unique TomiEX users reaches 200,000, the POS technology will be suspended, and a reverse mechanism for burning token emission, triggered by the number of users going down, will be activated. However, if the number of TomiEX users goes up, emission of TEX tokens will continue, governed by the PoS algorithm and the token’s economic model.

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