The Prime Minister of India Gets Involved in the Latest Twitter Hack

‘John Wick’ cybercrime gang says it carried out the attack.

A Twitter account belonging to The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has been involved in a recent Bitcoin scam that urged people to offer cryptocurrencies.

India Today reported that the Prime Minister’s Twitter account with the name, narendramodi_in, was attacked by a cyber gang that decides to be known as ‘John Wick.’ This twitter account was of interest because it talks about the PM’s personal website and mobile app.

The hackers used the account yesterday to address 2.5 million followers of the PM to give cryptocurrencies to support the eradication/control of COVID-19. The scammers presented four wallet address—two for Bitcoins and two for Ethereum. Fortunately, blockchain said no money was transferred to any of the wallets before they were removed.

This is what the group tweeted:

“Now India begin with crypto currency. Kindly Donate Bitcoin.”

The gang seized the opportunity to announce that it had nothing to do with Paytm Mall’s hack. This is contrary to speculations that arose after someone on a Russian online forum boasted to be affiliated to the group and took part in the operation. Paytm didn’t follow it up because they claimed their systems were still in order after the August 30 attempt.

Apart from Modi, some other world leaders have been impersonated by crypto scammers looking for donations.
The July 15 Twitter hack that targeted several important personalities such as Former President Barack Obama and past Vice President Joe Biden cannot be forgotten so soon. Accounts of these prominent individuals were seen to have proposed 100% rewards to those who would give some BTC. Since then, four people have been connected to the attack including Graham Ivan Clark, a 17-year old who is believed to have led the operation.

Not too long ago, Colombia’s President, Iván Duque Márquez, was also involved. Oftentimes, victims of such give-away promotions are the poor who think they have seen an opportunity to be blessed with fortunes.

After India removed the ban on trading cryptocurrencies, many crypto exchanges became noticed. Notwithstanding, there are rumors that the ban will be back stronger as it will involve two ministries and the country’s central bank.

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