The Independent UK Newspaper Talks About Bitcoin’s 2020 Price Rally

The Independent talked about Bitcoin’s recent price rally for the benefit of its over 23 million subscribers.

Everyone is now talking about cryptocurrency in the U.K. as The Independent made news of Bitcoin reaching a new ATH over $12,000 recently.

The report can be read on The Independent published on August 18.

According to the article: “The latest gains mean the price of Bitcoin has nearly trebled since March, despite a global economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

It also said:

“Other cryptocurrencies have mirrored Bitcoin’s fortunes, with Ether (Ethereum) rising from just above $100 in March to today’s price of $430.”

The Independent also follows the idea that Bitcoin and gold are alike in saving against inflation. It also reported that MicroStrategy has invested in Bitcoin to the tune of $250 million.

Crypto becoming widely adopted

The price of Bitcoin has increased so well this year because it is now considered legitimate across several sectors after the central banks of most countries removed some unfavorable conditions concerning it.

In the U.K. people have been openly advertising the need to invest in cryptocurrency. For instance, Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital advocated for Bitcoin investment by taking a full page on the Financial Times five days ago (Aug 14). The advert came with the advice that BTC investments last long and prevents money depreciation. Even the HEX token belonging to Richard Heart was advertised in different places including newspapers, transport companies and football fields.

On August 10, Grayscale Investments started a TV advert on a cable channel that lasts for half a minute.

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