The First Litecoin-Native Visa Debit Card is Coming

Charlie Lee is certain that Litecoin has no ardent follower.

Blockcard is bringing up the first Visa Card that will belong to Litecoin (LTC).

The computer scientist, Charlie Lee, who created Litecoin said this is the second time his company is trying this: “We previously worked with LitePay on a debit card but that failed when LitePay went out of business.”

Charlie Lee went on to differentiate the upcoming Litecoin-native debit card and other cards in circulation that are also loaded with Litecoin:

“There are other crypto debit cards available today that support Litecoin, but they only support funding with LTC. This card is natively LTC, so funds are kept in LTC until you swipe the card.”

Lee said people can start applying for the cards but that it will take some few weeks for everything, including usage, to kick off. Lee seized the opportunity to say that a “Litecoin maximalist” exists nowhere:

“I don’t think that even exists. Most Litecoiners support and hold BTC also.”

For this reason, the Litecoin card will support the 12 most-used cryptocurrencies and the important stablecoins. Lee revealed that 300 people have already indicated their interest. More will definitely register because Litecoin has consistently remained on the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and a lot of followers on different social media platforms talk about it.

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