The Emergence of Bitcoin Logo

Is it possible to use a logo to describe a project, its goals and everything it stands for?

This may really not be possible for one logo but if there has been any logo which has satisfied these descriptions, it must be the Bitcoin logo.

Just like the currency, the logo belongs to no particular individual. So, it is free for everyone to use as much as possible. It can be used on shirts, cups and other personal belongings.

The development of Bitcoin’s logo made many people to hear about it for the first time.

At first, the cryptocurrency logo was to resemble money. This made many of people who saw it for the first time conclude that it was money. The aim was also to make it look nice on credit and debit cards.  And because it achieved this, it appeared in the same places where Mastercard and VISA logos were printed.

The Emergence of Bitcoin Logo Bitcoin Accepted Here

However, the current logo is not the same as the first one. It has undergone several changes just as the money itself.

First Quarter of 2009

Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to come up with a design for Bitcoin. The logo then was a gold coin with the letters “BC” on it. Not many knew about this logo partly because that was the time the bitcoin was first introduced and not many knew about the coin back then.

Bitcoin Logo First Quarter of 2009

However, some of those who knew it expressed dissatisfaction with the logo. Some said apart from anything else, the logo should have “BTC” on it. Some also argued that it was not necessary for Bitcoin to have a logo. Statements like this showed it:

“The spirit of Bitcoin is that there is no need for a central authority or ‘official’ policy as with other currencies.”

One Bitcoin Talk user, Timo Y, continued thus: “We should just let it evolve organically, like a word in a natural language.”

February 24, 2010

The logo was not yet ready and Satoshi was still experimenting. But this time, he had something more acceptable; a “B” with two vertical strokes on it. Although this was more acceptable, there were still people that wanted something better. One of them made this statement:

Bitcoin Logo February 2010

“Is there a reason we couldn’t adopt something else before bitcoin gets too big and it’s too late to change without hurting ‘brand’ recognition? It seems silly to stick with something that is ‘ok’ when we could have something great.”

November 1, 2010

The Bitcoin logo enjoyed today was created by an unknown person. The only thing known about him is his nick name, “bitboy”, on Bitcoin Talk. He made a few designs and posted this:

“Hi guys, just drop by to say hi and to share with you some of the graphics I have done. Hope you will find them useful.”

Bitcoin Logo November 2010

The design was the Bitcoin logo in orange color that is used most often today. One of Bitboy’s inspirations came from the MasterCard logo and others which Bitcoin now competes with.

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