Telgram Uninterested in Pursuing Lawsuit Over ‘GRAM’ trademark

Telegram is no longer interested in its lawsuit over the ‘GRAM’ trademark which has lasted for two years. What’s left now is for Telegram to settle the legal fees.

Telegram Messenger Inc has decided on its own to stop pursuing the lawsuit which it filed against Lantah LLC because it called its cryptocurrency ‘GRAM.’

According to Charles Breyer, a U.S. District Judge, Telegram has to settle the legal fees incurred by Lantah since it filed the case.

Telegram has a chance to pay something low if it negotiates with Lantah since it has not yet told the court how much it spent.

The judge closed the case without attributing any damage done to Lantah although Lantach filed for damages. The judge said Telegram was free to fight for the GRAM trademark later on if it wishes.

This is happening three months after Telegram decided to lay its TON project aside. Telegram and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission no longer have any disagreement since June.

Telegram made its announcement in December 2017 to start the GRAM token and when Lantah heard it, it claimed preparations for its own GRAM token had kicked off six months earlier.

Although Lantah went ahead to apply for the GRAM trademark the following year, Telegram took Lantah to court in May 2018 after realizing $1.7 billion from the GRAM tokens it sold for three months.

Lantah applied for counterclaims a month after Telegram took it to court, saying it had the right over the GRAM trademark. But Lantah’s request was not granted on the ground that Telegram started before Lantah to use the GRAM trademark commercially.

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