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About Telescopia (PreICO) / CYRS

ICO Start




Telescopia is a live telescope streaming platform, offering educational market and online entertainment a window to explore the universe using simple telescope remote control with AI assistance, available 24/7 in live UHD video stream with narrated guidance, supported on multi platforms including computers, mobiles, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Telescopia operates in a peer to peer fashion where all services are provided from a network of telescope owners (provider). The providers are managed in democratic approach where all services are handled based on an election algorithm to effectively normalise the earnings among Telescopia providers.

Token Info
Token Telescopia (PreICO) / CYRS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 90,451,461
Investment Info
Accepting ETH, USD
Price in ICO 0.4800 USD
Distributed in ICO 51.7%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

May 2011

Telescopia Idea First Appeared.

May 2014

Pylux Solutions Founded.

March 2018

Developing Telescopia Idea.

June 2018

Solving Telescopia Technical Challenges.

August 2018

Finalizing and Testing Telescopia Financial Model and Marketing Strategy.

September 2018

Finalizing and Reviewing Telescopia White Paper.

October 2018

ICO Announcement.


Pre-ICO Launch.


Pre-Sale Launch.

September 2019

ICO Launch.

November 2019

ICO End.

November 2019

Control Software Release.

February 2020

Object Observation Sessions Release.

May 2020

Web, Mobile App and GeoMap Release.

August 2020

SkyMap, Booking and Providers Integration Release.

November 2020

SkyTour Release.

February 2021

Private Sessions Release.

May 2021

Consultations and Knowledge Center Release.

August 2021

Group Sessions Release.

November 2021

Astrophotography Release.

August 2022

Mixed Reality Sky Map Release.

November 2022

Mixed Reality SkyTour Release.

February 2023

Mixed Reality Sessions Release.

May 2023

IR Astronomy Release.

August 2023

Lecture Room Release.

November 2023

Mixed Reality Lecture Room Release.

February 2024

Scientific Data Analysis Release.

Team Members

Team Members
Marina Boules
Chief Technology Officer 28 age
Team Members
Ahmed El Desouki
Founder and Chief Executive Officer 31 age
Team Members
Seif Sabry
Financial Analyst
Team Members
Osama Shehata
Chief Information Officer
Team Members
Essam Yousry
Telescope Operational Manager
Team Members
Noha Yousry
Director of Public Affairs
Team Members
Mohamed Mousa
Business Strategic Advisor
Team Members
Richard Trummer
Team Members
Sydney Ifergan
Marketing Advisor
Team Members
Michael Christensen
Team Members
Yasser Abdel-Hadi, PhD
Team Members
Mohammed Sallam
Team Members
Mauro Andriotto
Team Members
Alecos Colombo

About Telescopia

Telescopia offers unprecedented multilingual live telescope experience that encapsulates a vast network of services offered in one bundle containing: live control, video feed, consultants, tour guides, professional image capturing (astrophotography), infra-red astronomy, lecture rooms, mixed reality experience throughout all services and a telescope marketplace.

Our Mission
Introduce the international and cryptocurrency world with a new lens to our vast universe; which is consistently perceived as low cost and high quality alternative to traditional telescopes; Opening greater educational horizon that enlighten the students and researchers all over the world.

Our Vision
Our vision is to lead the telescope streaming industry globally, plant landmarks with the innovative technologies we offer, revolutionize the industry by introducing space telescope streaming technology, We will not settle for anything less than excellence.