Teachable online educational platform review, teachable-com advantages and disadvantages

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Teachable is an online educational platform open for registration of all creators, regardless of the thematic content of training courses. The system is simple and friendly. The user gets all the tools necessary for creating courses, managing the learning process, accepting payments, communicating with students, integrating with external web resources, as well as creating his own website based on Teachable-com.

Platform’s target audience is professionals looking to market their training courses to students around the world. For authors of educational materials, platform capabilities are provided on a paid basis. The system offers three tariff plans. You can pay for your subscription annually or monthly using your credit card or PayPal.


Among the strengths of Teachable are the following:

  • User-friendly interface, adapted even for inexperienced users;
  • Deep customization of web-pages;
  • 130+ payment options;
  • Multi-currency pricing system;
  • Stable and secure software;
  • Integration with Zapier;
  • Democratic pricing policy;
  • Service suites and coupons;
  • Personal referral program;
  • Full control over transactions.

Platform features

Teachable differs from competitors in a number of features that make this tool unique in its own way. Below are the main ones.

All files types uploading

The Teachable platform supports almost all formats relevant to the online learning industry. This includes all popular text files, audio, video, graphic images. In addition, Teachable lets you pull content from sources such as Dropbox and Google Drive, providing automatic syncing capabilities.

Drag & Drop constructor

The developers of Teachable managed to create one of the most successful Drag & Drop constructors among educational projects. The creators took into account the fact that not every author has web development skills, therefore, they have designed a convenient and intuitive interface. A user can navigate different courses, create tariff suites, place text and graphic content with a simple drag and drop and create selling landing pages without programming skills. You can also upload any files directly from your computer and place them where they are most organic. It is possible to integrate pages developed on the platform both on a third-party site and on a web platform created on Teachable-com.

Advanced edits

For a user without programming skills Teachable offers many templates for creating a unique interface. At the same time, the system is not limited to primitive editing tools, but makes it possible to customize such parameters as button placement, image size and website branding. To do this, it is possible to connect to the program code and customize the appearance of the training interface as you need.

Adaptability for all devices

The Teachable developers provided the authors with a responsive design that looks flawless on all stationary and portable devices. All content that is published for students is easily viewed on any display, operating system and browser. This makes Teachable a flexible and universal solution.

Selling landing pages

Since landing pages largely determine the intensity of sales of educational materials, the creators of Teachable paid special attention to this aspect. The user not only gets the opportunity to design landing pages right in the platform interface, but also to make them as presentable and effective as possible in terms of the needs of the target audience. All page templates available on the website have been tested for maximum lead generation. You just have to brand the ready-made solution and share the link in social and advertising networks.

A separate plus of landing pages is the multilingual function. This makes it possible to expand the audience of customers at the expense of people from other countries, who also have the opportunity to buy and take your course using transcription.

Additional learning tools

The system lets you use forums, communities, blogs and tests to improve the effectiveness of the training process and stimulate the target audience. Maintaining additional contact with students will increase loyalty and make the educational business even more successful through additional positive feedback.

A separate plus of Teachable is the ability to give certificates of completion to students. This option can be activated for all or for individual courses.

Powerful marketing suite

Unlike many other educational platforms, Teachable offers a range of useful marketing tools, including:

  1. coupons;
  2. stock;
  3. referral program;
  4. Email marketing.

Also there’s the ability to experiment with advanced pricing options using pricing plans, subscriptions and bundled courses.

Student management

Supporting students and monitoring their success is an option that Teachable has implemented very well. You can create polls, construct Google forms and use a ton of other feedback methods. This bi-directional contact with the target audience lets you track user reactions and make appropriate adjustments.

You can also manage students using Zapier to integrate tools like Zendesk and Olark. With their help, you get the continuity of dialogues with students, having the opportunity at any time to see what you talked about with specific students last time.

A separate advantage is the segmentation of the students list to improve the efficiency of marketing activities. This module lets you send letters to target recipients. For example, you can say hello to a student who has just signed up for a course, or offer a promotional code to students who have not purchased your information products for a long time.


Teachable offers customers 3 pricing plans on the following terms.


  • Price: 39 USD per month;
  • Unlimited number of students;
  • 5% transaction fee;
  • Selling courses and coaching;
  • Community for members only;
  • Instant payments;
  • 2 admins;
  • Product support;
  • Training for course creators;
  • Custom domain support;
  • Coupon codes;
  • Segmentation of course content;
  • Integrated email marketing;
  • Third party integrations (Facebook, Google Analytics, Sumo, Segement, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Zapier Triggers and Circle.so);
  • Community integration.


  • Price: 119 USD per month;
  • All Basic options;
  • 0% transaction fee;
  • 5 admins;
  • Priority product support;
  • Graded polls;
  • Advanced reports;
  • White-label;
  • Course completion certificates;
  • Course compliance;
  • Integrated affiliate marketing;
  • Group coaching calls.


  • Price: 299 USD per month;
  • All Pro options;
  • 20 admins;
  • Manual students import;
  • Bulk students enrollment;
  • Custom Roles;
  • Advanced theme customization;
  • Group coaching calls.

Moreover, all service suites include:

  • Unlimited video;
  • Unlimited courses;
  • Unlimited hosting;
  • Integrated payment processing;
  • Student management;
  • Comments to lectures;
  • Basic polls;
  • No fees for free courses;
  • VAT for the EU.


Teachable is a powerful educational platform for marketing and sales. Even in the basic version you can customize your course as much as possible, divide it into separate stages, supplement it with authentic content and ensure that payments are accepted in a variety of currencies and payment terminals. At the same time, the democratic cost of the basic suite makes Teachable-com affordable for novice information businessmen. Therefore, if you want to evaluate the functionality of this platform, sign up for teachable.com right now. Within 30 days it is possible to request a full refund without any questions from the administration.

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