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SYLTARE is a web based P2E game, which allows you to collect and trade NFT. Launch date was on August 2022, and had starting Syltare price of $1.50 for 1 coin. Each game lasts 3-5 minutes, during gameplay, users can win SYL tokens. Basically its free-to-play service, new players don’t need to own any of them to join the addictive gameplay.

SYLTARE – turn-based card strategy game between 2 players

Before joining the game, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet. SYLTARE supports several cryptocurrency wallets as Metamask, Ledger and D’cent. You shell create and connect the wallet, which suits you the most. Now you need to learn about the game mechanics:

  • Card grade
  • Card Attributes
  • Leader Skill

Syltare crypto cards and Syltare token marketplace

There are 4 types of card rarity – common, rare, super rare and legendary. The stats (ATK and HP) of card depends on its rarity. Each one is assigned to an element – fire, water, wind etc. Don’t forget that your deck can contain 5 different playcard with special skill. You will learn everything by playing and earning Syltare crypto.

Besides the main game, you may participate on Syltare crypto sales. The game is free-to-play, but you will require SYL token to participate in tournament. You can get them through Uniswap. Karma points are also a requirement to take part in Sit & Go game.

Once you got SYL token, make sure you visit the secondary market, because all the NFTs are open for purchasing from OpenSea platform. In case you missed the first selling stage, you can pick any NFT to buy.

Staking is available for Saltyre, if you have purchased NFT. Using Saltyre NFT in game is not the only option, everyone is able to rent them through staking. Visit specially designed page for staking cards, card will be randomly rented to normal mode players. If the players are earning rewards during card rent, bounty will be shared between renter and holder.

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