Suzhou in China Launches a Pilot Blockchain Notary Program

Suzhou will soon launch a small scale preliminary study of a blockchain-enabled notary program that will be used across the country if successful.

The local media announced that the small scale program will be tested in Suzhou, China. It will be used for some notary services.

China Quality News reported that the aim is to help citizens on legal and government matters without necessarily coming to the offices.

Areas to be covered in the pilot program include life, personal freedom, property rights, health and others. Two offices will benefit from the pilot platform. They are the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice.

Blockchain program will distribute files

All the materials, including video and audio records, needed for notarial tracing functions will be stored in a cloud. This will guarantee quick tracing of documents.

The network will go with the name, “Suzhou Notary Chain.” Administrative officers of law enforcement agencies will have access to it so that they can verify the authenticity of documents when a dispute arises.

This will be different from the norm, which involves audio and video files storage. This time, the blockchain platform will do the whole work from recording to distribution. At the end of the day, the records will be very secure and easily traced. The citizens will be more satisfied with the outcome of events as transparency will be emphasized.

Adoption of blockchain in china

China is not relenting in making most of its sectors to be powered by blockchain technology.

A pilot program already exists in Hainan’s province. This one’s aim is to facilitate payment across borders using blockchain technology.

Earlier this week, China released a plan to make Hainan a free trade zone so that companies can easily do their transactions with the help of blockchain.

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