Strawberry Share price, next generation protocol


Avalanche Sweetest Protocol – a modern solution for expanding, and contract supplying to provide stability within every purchase. Strawberry Share price has been around $1.03 from the project launch. Token technology that is based on central banks fiscal debt trading methods. Total coin value locked – $127,211.

Strawberry share crypto tokenomics

FUDGE is a new protocol algorithm which is pegged 1:1 with DAI, and declared as the governance coin for the main protocol. Token is paired to stablecoin for providing more safety environment for crypto traders unaffected by the market economy. Strawberry share crypto has great ecosystem, developed for experienced investors. Here are some statistics since beginning of current year:

• Total number of epochs, of the protocol has been deployed and operated – 750

• Protocol ratio at above peg point – 61.50%

• Current token price (average time weighted price) – 0.74

STRAW token – Honesty & Integrity

STRAW token – is one of several IceCream Finance projects, which is KYC approved by Defi and successful pre-launch with demonstration of the available modules. The community takes part in voting for important decision, meanwhile forming new investors groups with further educational activities.

The main goal was always to protect the traders savings, and help him in future investments. And it’s only possible because of confident team of professionals and investors, who are experts in the financial independence.

The IceCream Finance team, was created by talented developers, who found the decentralized finance protocols being very complicated for everyday usage. So they started their own protocol with two main options – honesty and integrity, thus the project team will inform the community with all news about the development and future plans for the service.

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