StormX Users Can Now Purchase on Walmart and Get Some Money Back

It pays to be loyal and StormX is proving this.

Walmart store has been added to a host of other stores on StormX shopping loyalty platform to increase variety for the users.

StormX recently revealed that users will be paid for shopping at Walmart through its platform. The plan is 4% cash back of whatever was spent in the purchase and the money will be paid in crypto. The money to be paid back is even more, up to 14%, for Diamond users. The CEO of StormX, Simon Yu, is optimistic that the deal with Walmart will attract more users to StormX:

โ€œAs the only crypto cashback program for Walmart worldwide, we are confident that users will take advantage of the rewards program to earn their favorite cryptocurrency while shopping at their favorite retailer.โ€

StormX has over 650 stores for users to purchase from through its platform and Walmart is the latest on the list. Other shops on StormX include Target, Microsoft, Nike, eBay, Samsung, Adidas, and Dell. According to StormX, over $2 million have been shared to usersโ€™ accounts.

Last two months, the Chinese arm of Walmart had a special agreement with VeChain to create a blockchain tech tool that will monitor the supply of food products. Walmart also began a relationship with Hyperledger in March for a blockchain enterprise.

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