Steve Wozniak, Apple’s Co-Founder Takes YouTube to Court Over Crypto Scams

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak is now among those who are taking YouTube to court because scammers used their faces on YouTube to deceive followers.

Apart from Steve Wozniak, there are 17 other people who have hired lawyers over this matter. Their anger is that YouTube didn’t act fast to stop this fake giveaway videos. Google has also been indicted since it is YouTube’s parent company.

The law firm of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy announced yesterday that YouTube could have done better if it was competent enough. It argued that the users of YouTube who fell victim could have been much fewer if it took responsibility on time. The scammers used the face of Wozniak and other prominent individuals to promise more returns if they sent crypto to a given address. As a matter of fact, those who did are still waiting for the giveaway up till now.

Here is Wozniak’s argument: “If YouTube had acted quickly to stop this to a reasonable extent, we would not be here now.”

He continued:

“YouTube, like Google, seems to rely on algorithms and no special effort requiring custom software was employed quickly in these cases of criminal activity. If a crime is being committed, you must be able to reach humans capable of stopping it. What human would see posts like these and not ban them as criminal immediately?”

In fact, Joe Cotchett who is among the directors at the law firm said YouTube had a hand in it for not stopping the scam videos until after some months. He even accused YouTube of gaining from it since it promoted and sold ads that led to the scammers’ campaigns.

YouTube and Google are being sued by Wozniak and 17 others that hail from China, Japan, Malaysia, Europe, the U.K., U.S., and Canada.

Ripple and YouTube

YouTube has recently been taken to court by Ripple too. Ripple Labs has been angry with YouTube for not taking prompt action against scammers that used its name to perpetrate their acts.

On July 21, the lawyers for YouTube argued that the social media platform is not to be held accountable for what its users share online, even if they are scams.

While Ripple took YouTube to the federal court, Wozniak and YouTube will appear in California’s Superior Court in the County of San Mateo. The court is managed by the state.

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