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SSLX is a Slate native token, part of the Social Crypto Platform, that is build on Stellar Technology. StarSlax price started from $0.007131 per coin, and right now considered as a payment method for monetizing content. This token will be also needed to purchase premium access on Slate, and other features of brand-new crypto platform.

StarSlax crypto emission and market supply

10 billion tokens are already issued. After locking the issuing account, all future emissions are not possible. Current market supply for this token is fixed up to 1% of total funds for month, so overall market supplying time with all StartSlax crypto will take 8 years or even more.

StarSlax token as main ecosystem stability solution

SSLX is a variable coin, but still backed by the Slate owner capitalization – Cossator Corporation. Main goal – is to provide safe crypto based platform, with active buyback around -5% of previous sale round. In order to raise more revenue from promo and future development of SL8 platform, project is making regular StarSlax token Sale Rounds. Anyone who would take part in trading, may be rest assured that active owners will receive additional gifts and bonuses for participating in Public Sales Rounds.

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