Starbucks Introduces Traceability Feature to Their Coffee Products

Starbucks is going the extra mile by bringing blockchain into its business.

Starbuks has been known over the decades as the number one coffee shop chain in the world. Although they have really impressed a lot with the quality of their products, they are taking it a step further by making their customers know how authentic their beans are with the use of a blockchain product from Microsoft. Henceforth, Starbucks will be packaging their products with a code on it so that customers can scan them to verify where they are coming from. Microsoft and IBM’S Food Trust platform are two key providers of services offered by blockchain.

This development by Starbucks is a welcome one especially as consumers now want to be sure of the sources of the product they buy in the market. With the growing trend, it is envisaged that many more food companies will adopt the food traceability service that blockchain provides.

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