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This company offers free initial setup, and even the first month is free with all their shared hosting plans. This is a great way to give them a try without risking any money at all. While there are limits with their packages, they are quite generous and they should not hold you back in any significant way. The price and the service make this one of the best hosting providers in Japan.

A company that creates a new culture on the Internet
We recognize the huge infrastructure of communication called the Internet as an independent new society, and learn the culture necessary for this new society from various cultures existing in the existing society and realize it in a form that is suitable for the Internet. It is a company that was aimed


Class C IP address distribution server

We provide IP address distribution servers for domestic IP addresses.
We offer plans according to your needs with 60 class C, 120 class C, multi-domain and single domain.

Housing, rental server

We provide a wide range of support, from rental server services that allow you to easily open a website in your own domain, to housing services that house your system in a dedicated rack.

Network construction management, operation service

We support a wide range of network design, construction, and operation.

24/7 monitoring, maintenance and fault service

We monitor the operation of servers and application systems and respond on-site when a problem occurs.

SEO consulting services

We provide various advice and production regarding SEO measures.


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