Squarespace website builder review, squarespace-com advantages and disadvantages

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Squarespace is a multifunctional website builder that makes it possible to create online projects with almost any necessary functionality and in any visual design. Anyone can master the work in the constructor without special knowledge in the field. Experts believe that the main feature of the Squarespace platform is a large selection of templates, many useful options and ease of launching a new project from scratch. At the same time, the platform lets you create sites of any scale, including online stores with a large assortment of goods and transactions through popular payment systems.

Squarespace-com offers great pricing for its plans. Annual and monthly billing is available. You can pay using a bank card or PayPal. Within 14 days after payment there is a money back period, after which you can be refunded all funds in case of refusal from the company’s services.


Squarespace was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in New York. The success of this project was largely determined by a number of advantages that made this builder competitive in the market. The platform has a whole range of positive aspects, among which, first of all, the following should be noted:

  1. Quality templates. At the moment Squarespace offers a truly rich collection of creative themes, each of which can be tailored specifically to your website. You can choose a template by color scheme, by the purpose of your website and by other parameters.
  2. High speed and performance. The Squarespace platform provides unparalleled responsiveness and site performance thanks to a modern technical base and competent server administration. Sites that are based on the Squarespace platform are characterized by high loading speed.
  3. Free domain. If you make an annual payment, the company gives a free domain for a year as a bonus. In case of renewing the tariff plan for another year, Squarespace will cover the costs of renewing the domain again.
  4. High level of protection. Every site that is powered by the Squarespace platform gets a free SSL certificate. Also, users are guaranteed the confidentiality of WHOIS data. At the same time, the platform itself is protected from all kinds of cyber threats.
  5. Range of tools for online trading. Squarespace offers a really rich toolkit in this direction, including integration with social networks, ample opportunities for processing online payments, unlimited number of items, and much more.
  6. High-quality information support. Despite the fact that Squarespace does not provide an opportunity to contact the administration by phone, users are provided with such communication channels as 24/7 online chat and Email. In addition, a full-fledged reference base is available to customers, where you can find answers to almost all questions. In any case, the user will never be left alone with his question or problem.

An important advantage of the platform is also a democratic pricing policy, which will be discussed below.


The Squarespace-com provides four pricing plans. Below there are the terms for each of them. The indicated prices correspond to the services’ cost in case of annual billing.


  • Price: $ 12 per month;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited disk space;
  • SEO toolkit;
  • Ready-made templates;
  • Number of participants: 2;
  • Optimization of sites for mobile devices;
  • 24/7 support service;
  • Basic site metrics;
  • Squarespace extensions.


  • Price: $ 18 per month;
  • All options of the “Personal” tariff plan;
  • Unlimited number of participants;
  • Professional mail from Google;
  • Premium integrations and blocks;
  • Flexible customization of CSS and JavaScript;
  • Advanced website analytics;
  • Google Ads credits up to $ 100;
  • Advertising pop-ups and banners;
  • Fully integrated e-commerce;
  • Transaction fee: 3%;
  • Unlimited number of commodity items;
  • Reception of donations;
  • Gift-cards.

Basic Commerce

  • Price: $ 26 per month;
  • All options of the “Business” tariff plan;
  • Transaction Fee: 0%
  • Point of sale;
  • Customer accounts;
  • Checkout on the client’s domain;
  • Powerful ecommerce analytics;
  • Powerful merchandising tools;
  • Products on Instagram.

Advanced Commerce

  • Price: $ 40 per month;
  • All options of the “Basic Commerce” tariff plan;
  • Recovering an unconfirmed shopping cart;
  • Sale of paid subscriptions;
  • Extended discounts;
  • Extended shipping;

Each of the above plans can be paid for a month at higher rates:

  • Personal – $ 16 for 1 month;
  • Business – $ 26 for 1 month;
  • Basic Commerce – $ 30 for 1 month;
  • Advanced Commerce – $ 46 for 1 month.

Tariffs can be calculated in dollars, euros, Australian dollars and British pounds.


Squarespace is a handy multifunctional platform you can easily launch any online project with. It can be a small private blog or a huge marketplace with thousands of items. As a user, you just need to choose a suitable tariff plan, make the necessary settings and fill the site with content.

According to feedback, building an online store on the Squarespace platform is incredibly easy and fun. The company offers a very rich toolkit and an intuitive content management system. In the drag & drop format you can easily develop the design, implement the necessary functionality and then present your brainchild to the whole world.

Today Squarespace has a ton of competitors offering equally successful solutions in the WYSIWYG website builder niche. But the quantity and quality of templates is where Squarespace clearly outperforms the competition. Therefore, if you want to create a truly beautiful and functional website or online store, pay attention to the Squarespace-com platform. The platform interface has been translated into all popular languages, so you won’t have any problems mastering the entire toolkit. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by the company’s loyal pricing policy.

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