Spreaker podcast creation review, spreaker-com advantages and disadvantages

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Spreaker is a Voxnest software development made for podcast creation and management. The platform is positioned as a universal interface for hosting, distribution and monetization. Spreaker lets the user implement a fascinating podcast project without special knowledge and unaffordable financial investments.

Spreaker-com offers 1 free and 4 paid service suites. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or PayPal.


Spreaker offers a range of tools for successful podcast project promotion. Below are the most notable features.

Podcast distribution

Spreakers make it possible to post content simultaneously on all popular platforms in an automatic mode. Since this is needable for audience growth, Spreaker gives an effective podcast distribution system that includes dozens of verified directories. At the same time, the system itself will delight you with an interface that is understandable for a beginner.


The built-in Spreaker monetization program lets the user concentrate on creating quality content, getting a steady income from each view. This ad delivery method saves your time that will not be spent looking for sponsors or implementing other forms of monetization. Dynamic insertion makes it possible to insert ads in any timecode of your broadcast without violating the integrity. Advertising is not embedded directly into the podcast, which lets past broadcasts be filled.


Spreaker users get access to a wealth of data to enable smart marketing. Among the monitored parameters there are downloads, sources, geolocation, behavioral parameters. Built-in analytics are conducted in real time. Even in the free analytics suite, a number of downloads and listeners are available. In the Broadcaster suite you get information about likes, followers, referrals and users geolocation. The ultimate Anchorman suite adds two more options – device tracking and evolution.

Corporate podcasting

Spreaker is a good solution for large publishers. The program makes it possible to control the flow of content through a user-friendly interface. Spreaker-com CMS offers visual monitors for managing a team of employees, collecting weekly statistics on downloads and ad impressions. The tool provides the ability to create, customize, target, direct and monitor campaigns that can be integrated with DSP through Targetspot, Adswizz and Triton.

Podcast recording studio

The Spreaker Studio app has everything you need to create professional-sounding podcasts. The program is distributed free of charge on any device and lets you create, publish, distribute and analyze podcasts without limits. Many built-in functions such as microphone control, quick editing, smart recording, Skype dialogs integration and others make this program a lucky combination for the publisher. The app is available on PC as well as Android and iOS.


Spreaker Podcast Player is designed for listening to podcasts and is fully adapted for fast loading. All downloaded podcasts are available offline. The user will be pleased with the convenient search and content sorting. Users can also enjoy automatically generated lists and turn on notifications. It is possible to set the off timer for night listening. For those who want to control the time, the playback speed control function is provided.

Spreaker Podcast Player is compatible with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. You can use the app as a remote control.


Spreaker offers 5 tariff plans with the following terms.

Free Speech

  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Upload to iHeartRadio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts;
  • Audio storage: 5 hours;
  • Episode limit: 10;
  • Unlimited listeners;
  • Hosting multiple podcasts;
  • Episode schedule;
  • APP for recording and live streaming;
  • Streaming limit: up to 15 minutes per podcast;
  • Chatbox for listeners;
  • RSS feed for each podcast;
  • Built-in player;
  • Basic statistics: downloads, daily listenings.

On-air talent

  • Price: $ 7 per month;
  • All Free Speech options;
  • Audio storage: 100 hours;
  • Episode limit: none;
  • Streaming limit: up to 45 minutes per podcast;
  • Integration of third-party applications;
  • Customizable RSS feeds;
  • Ad Revenue Sharing;
  • Dynamic ad insertion.


  • Price: $ 20 per month;
  • All On-Air Talent options;
  • Audio storage: 500 hours;
  • Streaming limit: up to 180 minutes per podcast;
  • Customizable player;
  • Paid subscription.


  • Price: $ 50 per month;
  • All Broadcaster options;
  • Audio storage: 1500 hours;
  • Streaming limit: up to 300 minutes per podcast;
  • Device statistics;
  • Episode evolution.


  • Price: $ 120 per month;
  • All Anchorman options;
  • Audio ads trafficking tools;
  • Collaboration function;
  • Priority support.


Spreaker is a competitive development from Voxnest, which will delight each podcast maker with flexible, democratic tariff plans and powerful tools for working with audio content. At the moment the platform provides one of the most convenient interfaces, where everything is as responsive and simple as possible. At the heart of the ecosystem is the Spreaker Studio app, which provides a quick podcast launching. The program includes all the necessary functionality for recording and publishing high-quality content. With one click you can share on Spotify, iHeart Podcast Network, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and other platforms. Monetization option will help beginners to find motivation and cover basic costs.

Even if you are just taking the first steps in podcasting, video editing and advertising, you will quickly get used to Spreaker-com and be able to create a quality product with minimal costs.

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