Sponsors of Al-Qaeda and ISIS Got Busted by the US DoJ

Today will ever be remembered in history (until another happens) as the day when the US DoJ announced the biggest seizure of cryptocurrencies meant to fund terrorist groups.

More than 300 accounts have been grabbed by the United State’s Department of Justice. This department announced this on August 13, 2020.

According to the announcement, the total monies seized is worth millions of dollars but the specific amount was not revealed. However, the announcement says it was the biggest seizure ever made to stop the sponsorship of terrorist groups.

Those that worked together to make sure the exercise was successful include the FBI, the IRS and the Department of Homeland Security. As part of the efforts to disconnect the terrorists from their sponsors, the campaign team has shut down some Facebook pages and websites.

Don Fort who directed the operation against the sponsors said his group was trained in tracking the sources of illegal crypto funds:

“IRS-CI’s ability to trace funds used by terrorist groups to their source and dismantle these radical group’s communication and financial networks directly prevents them from wreaking havoc throughout the world.”

Last month, the IRS made demands for improved crypto tracking devices.

This recent achievement is not the result of a day’s hard work. The authorities have been on this for more than one year now. Before the sponsors were finally apprehended, a BTC account owned by someone linked to the ISIS had been identified and passed around different government bodies for observation.

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