South Korean University set to Kick off a Blockchain Campus

A university in Daegu is showing interest to partner with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association to start a blockchain campus.

 Suseong University in South Korea on May 22, agreed with Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KORAIA) to start a university in Daegu where people can learn blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This was published in Money Today. Some of the courses that students will learn include big data, Artificial Intelligence and cloud based technology. Admissions will start in 2021 if things work out fine.

COVID-19 may Give Blockchian a Boost

The director of the Planning and Coordination Division of the upcoming school, Kim Kun-woo was happy with this move. He believes that the post COVID-19 era will be better with blockchain technology.

Many blockchain companies in Daegu have already started showing interest in helping admitted students to gain work experience in the course of their studies.

There is expected to be a cordial relationship between the students, the school and experts who will partner with the university.

South Korea is Still Supporting the Blockchain Industry

The South Korean government says there is no going back in supporting the blockchain industry within the country.

The government, through the Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance, Koo Yun-cheol, has promised to support the private sectors that will partner with it in realizing the golden opportunity that blockchain brings.

The government has also pledged to support private companies by allocating $3.2 million for the development of blockchain technology.

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