Some Employees in South Korea to Embrace ID System with Blockchain Tech

Many of the public features in South Korea now have a touch of blockchain.

By next month, an ID system that uses blockchain tech will be ready for use among South Korean workers. This was announced by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).

Apart from having a blockchain-based ID system, KISA will also create a token known as “KISA Coin.” KISA’s employees that perform well will be given the token as a reward. With the coin, they will be able to buy snacks, beverages, and some of the tools that facilitate office work. The coin is now in its pilot test so hopefully, it will soon be available for use to every worker.

When the ID system becomes effective, KISA’s workers will use it to know where they should work by scanning their QR codes. The process will work with the application of near field communication technology.

The blockchain system presents more benefits than just a modified ID verification. Workers will need it to take coffee at the workplace and also borrow books to read at home.

This blockchain based ID system is an innovation that came from the need to promote contactless activities which has been necessitated by the occurrence of COVID-19.

According to some local news outlets, KISA’s blockchain plans will be first launched at the headquarters in Naju next month. Seoul and Pangyo offices are said to be the next set of beneficiaries before next year begins.

KISA’s president, Kim Seok-hwan, said:

“I hope that the introduction of DID mobile employee ID for the first time in public institutions will not only improve employee convenience and security, but also serve as a welcome point for discovering non-face-to-face identity authentication services in connection with local related organizations.”

There are other giant strides being recorded in South Korea as regards the application of blockchain technology. For instance, in Daegu, a budget of $6 million has been earmarked to promote teaching of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Also, there is now a blockchain-enabled driver’s license in South Korea  and up to one million drivers have chosen it. Holders of this blockchain license also have to download the PASS app on their smartphones as the two are used together.

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