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Siteliner is one of the most convenient online SEO assistants that helps to ensure maximum SEO visibility of the promoted project. The system identifies problem areas that interfere with the full growth of the website, which saves the optimizer a lot of time. Siteliner-com literally analyzes each page, providing detailed information about each page with recommendations.

Below we will take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of this online monitor.


Among the strengths of the Siteliner project it is worth noting:

  • Free version of the program with up to 250 pages for analyzing;
  • No need for an additional broken link monitor and content scanner;
  • Lots of ways to download Siteliner reports.


Among the weaknesses of the Siteliner project the following points are worth noting:

  • Crawlers can scan your site too intensively;
  • Many indicators (such as page load time) do not compare with those of competitors.

We’ll take a look at Siteliner below to make sure it’s a really good SEO service.

What is Siteliner?

Siteliner lets the online marketer check the promoted website for problems that could negatively affect ranking in the SERPs. The platform is positioned as a means of checking for duplicate website content. Siteliner identifies and displays the number of pages with similar content, providing representative reports.

Duplicate content is considered to be quite a problem in terms of search engine optimization, since the search engine cannot actually determine which URL should be chosen at the top of the search results. Siteliner-com lets the optimizer instantly identify duplicates, eliminate them and ensure the uniqueness of content on all pages of the site. A very useful feature is providing information about the power of individual pages.

Siteliner is a free service. You can analyze a website and identify key issues that negatively affect SEO. Among the indicators collected by the program there are:

  • duplicate content;
  • broken links;
  • page power.

In addition, the program lets you generate informative reports. At the same time, the free version of Siteliner is limited only by the number of pages analyzed. If desired, the user can purchase Siteliner Premium and analyze up to 25,000 pages.


You can use Siteliner for a wide variety of work tasks. Below are the main ones.

Finding duplicate content

The Siteliner report shows the percentage of unique, shared and duplicate content. It is enough to click on the corresponding page, and the system will immediately show all the duplicates found. The following data is available:

  • number of words repeated ;
  • percentage of compliance;
  • number of pages.

When you click an URL, Siteliner highlights content found across multiple pages of your website.

Links that lead to a 404 error page negatively affect the SEO dynamics. Siteliner finds all broken links on your site, after which you can either replace the link or set up a redirect.

Page size and loading speed

Google is known to favor fast-loading pages. Page size is a key factor influencing load time. In the “Comparison with other sites” section, the service gives you the opportunity to compare the size of your pages with a typical website. If you find that the standard parameters are exceeded by 25% or more, it is recommended to reduce the page size and load time, which will have a positive SEO effect.

Siteliner displays the following metrics to monitor link balance:

  • Internal links;
  • External links;
  • The total number of links on your site;
  • Inbound links.

Internal navigation lets you control the anchor text, while backlinks increase the ranking of a site.

Technical SEO errors detecting

The system detects technical SEO errors, thereby helping the optimizer to avoid search engine sanctions. You can see problem pages in the list of URLs that Siteliner failed to crawl. The system is able to detect the following errors:

  1. Canonical tag;
  2. URL redirect;
  3. Page blocking via Robots.txt;
  4. URLs with nofollow attribute.

The presence of these errors can provoke problems with Google. If the page skip is not intentional, you can easily fix the error.


You can use Siteliner for free crawling up to 250 pages. As a rule, this limit is sufficient for small website analysis. If the tariff is not enough to crawl all the pages of the website, then you can order the paid Premium version and scan pages for only 1 cent per page. The premium version has a 25,000 page limit. The results of previous checks are saved for review. You can monitor the dynamics of an SEO campaign.

The free version has enough features to effectively analyze most sites. Siteliner Premium is recommended for big sites owners or a digital agency with a large case of analyzed projects.


Siteliner can become an indispensable assistant in identifying and solving problems related to website promotion. You can use this service for free by going to the official website siteliner-com.

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