Sitechecker SEO-analysis service review, sitechecker-pro advantages and disadvantages

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Sitechecker is a SEO-analysis service for monitoring more than a hundred parameters that are significant for website promotion. This service, created by Estonian developers, has a user-friendly interface that does not overload user’s attention and provides a representative view of the main indicators. It is the simplicity and functionality that many experts note as the main competitive advantage of the platform. The service is available in all popular languages, including English, Russian, German and French.

Sitechecker-pro is a paid software, but the demo version can be found on the official website You can pay for a subscription by credit card or PayPal. Also, if you have a discount coupon, you can activate it when paying.


Sitechecker offers the optimizer a fairly rich toolkit you can easily track the progress of SEO and fix critical errors with. Below are the key options available to users.

Technical audit

A technical SEO audit is a comprehensive website check for compliance with the requirements of search engines. The tool also detects technical errors that prevent the website from being promoted in SERP. Sitechecker as part of a technical audit:

  1. detects broken links and redirects;
  2. analyzes the correctness of internal and external links anchors;
  3. finds duplicate tags and meta tags;
  4. detects incorrect language settings;
  5. evaluates the vulnerability of URLs;
  6. checks the pages loading speed;
  7. and much more.

In general, the technical website audit analyzes more than a hundred parameters. As a result an optimizer sees problem areas and fixes them. Moreover, the service offers instructions on how to solve the identified problems and calibrate the SEO strategy. Most of the errors that the service finds can be easily fixed even by an inexperienced user. The rest will be handled by a programmer and hosting provider.

SERP tracking

This tool lets you monitor the dynamics of promotion for all keywords of your website semantic core. A user uploads the keywords in a list, and the system automatically tracks positions of the corresponding pages in the SERP. A feature of Sitechecker-pro is that monitoring is carried out for mobile and stationary devices. There’s also an option of tracking data for specific geographic areas. This is especially relevant for projects aimed at the audience of a specific country, region or city.

The tool makes it possible to monitor the positions of not only your site, but also the competitors. It’s quite simple to identify and analyze competitors’ successful strategies using this tool. Daily reports will show an optimizer the entire progress through all the semantic core, identifying weak and strong points and adopting the competitors experience.

Content changes tracking

This tool lets you monitor all the main parameters of the promoted pages. Among them there are:

  • Page adding/removing;
  • Page code status;
  • Meta tags;
  • Headings;
  • Other parameters.

There is also a function of sending Email alerts about critical issues. The system quickly detects indexing errors so that the optimizer can quickly fix them. A useful tool for website security is an access controller of third parties. The system will instantly detect hacking and unauthorized actions associated with adding content, links or pages.

The backlink monitoring tool provides effective link profile management and, if necessary, will help to adjust the link building strategy. Sitechecker offers concise and presentable reports that provide information on the number and types of backlinks. Using this monitor, an optimizer can also detect sudden growth of links and see popular anchors.

The Sitechecker disadvantage is that it doesn’t collect backlinks. The user has to upload the list of backlinks himself using Google Search Console service or paid programs like Ahrefs or PR-CY. Sitechecker only scans the uploaded links and notifies a user in case of changes. For example, the service will notify the optimizer that the link status or anchor has been changed. This option is useful in the context of dealing with unscrupulous paid link donors.

Integration with Google services

The information provided by Google Search Console and Analytics can be integrated into Sitechecker reports for an even deeper understanding of the project progress. Such integration lets you compare the number of keywords being in the TOP of the SERP, track traffic of different projects, and much more.

The official Sitechecker plugin for Google Chrome can extend the functionality of your browser. It makes it possible to check the basic SEO parameters of web pages while surfing. Convenience is that all the main parameters are highlighted when you visit a site. This can be useful when selecting a donor for placing an external link or when analyzing the structure of content on competitors’ pages. The plugin instantly provides such content optimization parameters as keyword density, image optimization, link anchors, meta tag content, canonical parameter, robots.txt and others.


Sitechecker-pro platform offers 3 paid plans under the following terms.


  • Price: 23 USD per month;
  • Number of websites: 3;
  • Number of webpages: 1500 per account;
  • Number of keywords: 150 per account;
  • Number of backlinks: 3000 per account.


  • Price: 39 USD per month;
  • Number of websites: 5;
  • Number of webpages: 5000 per account;
  • Number of keywords: 500 per account;
  • Number of backlinks: 5000 per account.


  • Price: 79 USD per month;
  • Number of websites: 10;
  • Number of webpages: 50,000 per account;
  • Number of keywords: 1000 per account;
  • Number of backlinks: 10,000 per account.

All tariff plans include:

  • Unlimited traffic check;
  • Local rank tracking;
  • Mobile rank tracking;
  • Monitoring of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex;
  • Unlimited SEO audit reports;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Daily rank tracking;
  • Daily backlinks tracking;
  • Unlimited technical SEO analysis;
  • Branded reports in PDF format;
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console;
  • Email alerts.

You can pay for the tariff plan monthly or annually (saving -20%).


Sitechecker is an inexpensive but quite effective tool that will be useful for both a professional SEO specialist and a webmaster who optimizes a website on his own. This software product makes it possible to track positions of webpages, analyze backlinks, identify problem areas and eliminate errors. Thanks to its democratic pricing policy, it is ideal for startups with a limited budget. At the same time, it is also of interest to large digital agencies looking for a light and user-friendly SEO-audit tool.

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