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Simplecast is positioned as a modern software for podcasts hosting and distributing. Reviews on forums say that the software fully meets the needs of independent artists and large production networks. The Simplecast platform makes it possible to publish, distribute, customize and analyze audio content in a cross-platform mode. Integration with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and other services provides a loud launch for both start-up projects and promising products of well-known producers.

Simplecast-com offers several paid tariff plans, each of which will satisfy the publisher at different stages of the channel’s growth. You can pay for it by credit card or PayPal. All plans include a 14-day trial period with no credit card needed. You can get more familiar with the toolkit. Find out more about the terms of use on the official website


Simplecast is an easy-to-integrate and user-friendly software product. It enables listeners and creators to share audio content on social media with just one click. As a channel administrator you can manage the entire show library from a single account. Also each superadmin can configure access rights for subordinate administrators.

Simplecast provides API access. This makes it easy to integrate with third-party developments such as websites, podcast listening apps, or analytic monitors.

The publisher has access to all the tools for data collecting and analyzing. In particular, you can see:

  1. location of the listeners;
  2. listening speed;
  3. industry trends;
  4. other indicators.

A separate plus of Simplecast is the integrated website builder that lets you create web pages with a customizable color scheme. You choose what your channel will look like. As a developer you can customize podcasts for the specific requirements and aesthetic preferences of your target audience. Such features as an embedded web player, analytics, reports and custom domains are also available.

The content that is published on the platform is wholly owned by the publisher. Simplecast does not change the original sound of the podcast. Show monetization is an area in which the publisher is completely free in choosing methods.

Tariff plans

All Simplecast plans are divided into 2 categories: for private independent podcasters and for business. Below are the terms for all available tariff plans.

The private podcast category includes 3 service suites: Basic, Essential and Growth.


  • Price: $ 15 per month;
  • Price (if billed annually): $ 13.50 per month;
  • 2 admin members;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Unlimited uploads;
  • Distribution to everywhere your audience listens;
  • Basic analytics tools;
  • Custom website on custom domain;
  • Manage multiple shows with one account;
  • Embeddable episode web player;
  • Recast for authors and listeners;
  • Secure (HTTPS) website and RSS feed;
  • 20K downloads included per month;
  • Email support.


  • Price: $ 35 per month;
  • Price (if billed annually): $ 31.50 per month;
  • All Basic options;
  • 4 admin members;
  • Additional web players (Mini and Show);
  • Comparative analysis for two episodes;
  • Geolocation analytics (Country / Region);
  • Unique listener reports;
  • Web player analytics;
  • Technology analytics (apps, browsers);
  • 50K downloads included per month.


  • Price: $ 85 per month;
  • Price billed annually: $ 76.50 per month;
  • All Essential options;
  • 9 admin members;
  • Comparative analysis for five episodes;
  • Geolocation analytics (Country / Region / Detailed areas and metro);
  • Advanced device analytics;
  • Web Player Embed Location analytics;
  • Network (ISP) analytics (home, office, mobile);
  • Technology analytics (apps, browsers, device details);
  • 120K downloads included per month.

The category for business podcasters includes 2 service suites: Professional and Enterprise.


  • Price: volume show pricing;
  • All options of the Growth plan;
  • 15 admin members;
  • Location analytics (Global / City / Metro);
  • Consumer analytics (skips, speed, completion rates);
  • Episode retention data;
  • Real-time analytics with reporting granularity down to the hour;
  • Multi-show analytics;
  • MAE Dynamic Audio Suite;
  • API Analytics;
  • Priority customer support;
  • Customization and migration support;
  • Uptime guarantee.


  • All options of the previous plan;
  • Price: volume pricing for team member seats;
  • White-label RSS URL;
  • oAuth support;
  • Publisher API;
  • Private Distribution API;
  • SSO;
  • High bitrate audio;
  • Personal success manager;
  • Personalized onboarding;
  • Technical implementation support and services;
  • Custom reports with industry-first insights;
  • ACH or payment options.

Simplecast offers much more than just reliable hosting for RSS feeds and podcasts. The company is committed to the success of each publisher. In the support chat you can get advice on any issue that interests you. You can also evaluate the functionality of any of the proposed plans right now using a 14-day trial period.

Is it worth using Simplecast

Simplecast offers publishers affordable pricing plans with all the functionality they need. Even the basic toolkit has everything to start the development of a full-fledged channel with several shows. The advantage of Simplecast-com is that the platform adjusts to the dynamics of your project development. At the same time, Simplecast does not practice hard switching off in case of viewing limits exceeding. The company emphasizes that in case of excess, soft restrictions will be applied and a proposal to switch to a more suitable tariff is made. So you can fully concentrate on the creativity and monetization of your project, being confident in the platform’s technical reliability.

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