Siblings Set to Oppose Each Other in OneCoin Court Case

It now looks as if siblings who established OneCoin are having a quarrel.

Ruja Ignatova’s brother, Konstantin Ignatov, has said he is ready to say what he knows about his sister’s involvement in the $4 billion Ponzi scheme in which Ruja has been the major target.

Konstantin has agreed to help OneCoin investors by testifying against his sister if they should appear in court again.

Ignatov was among those who were questioned about the scam. His answers in the parallel criminal case led to the sentencing of lawyer Mark Scott in November last year after being found guilty of helping in money laundering.

Ignatov said in October last year that he was indeed guilty of the money laundry charges levied against him. As a result, he is likely to be sentenced to jail for 90 years beginning from November 11 when he will be in court again.

Ignatov, in November, revealed to New York prosecutors that the owner of Phoenix Thoroughbreds, Amer Abdulaziz Salman worked with Mark Scott and Gilbert Armena in laundering money. Gilbert was once a friend of Ignatova.

As a result of Phoenix Thoroughbreds indictment in the scam, the firm was excluded from the racing competition in France. It was also banned from participating in events that hold in Britain.

However, Abdulaziz has said that there is no link between himself and his company to the OneCoin scam.

The death of two former OneCoin proponents has been announced since July. They were found dead in Mexico.

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